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Yes, he is very good. Many consider him the best tennis player of all time.

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Q: Is Roger Federer a good tennis player?
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Is Roger Federer bad?

No, most would consider Roger Federer a good guy as well as a great tennis player and over all athlete.

What are facts about Roger Federer?

He is very good at tennis

Is Roger Federer religious?

Roger Federer Is a good man. Who loves what he does, God bless!

Who is more ugly federer or nadal?

Roger federer is more good looking so nadal must be more ugly!

Tennis coach search tennis player for job?

You have to work hard so that the top coaches notice you and you can now start training to hit huge serves with the same methods used by senior players such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, and remember training and then training You can see this:

How does Roger Federer know Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani is a friend of Mary Joe Fernandez (married to Roger Federer's Agent). She brought Gwen and Rossdale to a Federer's game and they met. Since about 2 years they are good friends.

Is Roger Federer a good role model?

There are many that believe he is. In my opinion they are exactly right.

Is Roger Federer better than Novak Djokovic?

MaybeAccording to the current ATP points, yes. However, considering that Roger Federer is in a slump, Djokovic will probably beat Federer in a match.What a stupid question, course novac djokovic isn't as good as roger federer. Federer has won the wimboldon title 5 times which is equal to bjorn borg's record and he was beat by Rafael nadal.What a seriously dumb questionbut djokovic have beaten federer!!!Its not a silly question because novak djokovic has beaten roger federer 3 times in a row in 2011 and is undeafeted.

What football team does Roger Federer support in England?

Arsenal as he is good friends with Thierry Henry

Is Venus Williams a good tennis player?


What language does Roger Federer speak?

Roger Federer can speak 4 languages fluently German, Swiss German, English, & French, plus Roger can speak a little bit of some other languages like Spanish, Swedish and Italian. However he has often spoken to the crowds in Italy and Spain in English admitting that his Spanish and Italian isn't as good.

What part of speech is of tennis?

Adjective or noun. It is an adjective if you say, "Alex is a good tennis player." because it modifies player. It is a noun if you say "I play tennis."

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