What is the home city of real Madrid cf?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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The home city of Real Madrid CF football club is Madrid.

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Q: What is the home city of real Madrid cf?
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Real Madrid CFin Spanish?

Real Madrid CF

When the Real Madrid CF is created?

Real Madrid C.F is created in 1902

What is the nickname real Madrid CF?

los blancos

Who did Juan mata used to play for?

Real Oviedo juventud. Real Madrid Cantera Real Madrid Castilla Valencia CF

How many seasons has Marcelo played for Real Madrid CF?


Can a women play for Real Madrid CF?

Not the mens team anyways

Who won the Champoins league in 2014?

Real Madrid CF at lisbon

What is the meaning of C.F. in the word Real Madrid CF?

Real Madrid C.F. is an abbriviation for Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (English: Madrid Royal Football Club, also known as Real Madrid, Los Blancos, Los Merengues

How many seasons has Davud Beckham played for Real Madrid?

4 Seasons with CF Real Madrid From 03/04 to 06/07

Which Spanish football team plays in Santiago Bernabeu?

Real Madrid CF

How many times real Madrid cf won champions league?


How many more titles have Barcelona F.C than Real Madrid C.F?

None real madrid cf have more titles then barcelona fc