Is Rafael nadal left handed

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No. Rafael nadal is not a left handed person. He is right handed. He wrote using right hand. Brushing teeth by right hand. He do all things with his right hand except for playing tennis. Nadal only use his left hand when playing tennis.

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Q: Is Rafael nadal left handed
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What hand does Rafael use in tennis?

Rafael Nadal is left-handed. He uses a one-handed forehand and a two-handed backhand.

Last left handed player to win Wimbledon?

Rafael Nadal in 2008.

What Special Characteristics does Rafael Nadal Have?

He is right handed but plays tenis with the left. His left has much power and he has a never-say-die attitude

In soccer people use their right foot but are left handed?

It can happen. Take Ruud van Nistelrooy. He is right footed but left handed. A non footballing example would be Rafael Nadal. Plays tennis left handed, but he is right handed

What kind of player is Rafael nadal?

Rafael nadal is a lefty and a 2-handed backhand player, 1-handed forehand. He is known for his excessive topspin when he hits, an aggressive base-liner player who has tremendous speed and agility.

Who has beaten nadal the most?

Novak Djokovic has handed Nadal the most losses from a single player in his career. Rafael Nadal, in return, has handed Novak Djokovic the most losses from a singler player in his career, respectively.

Who is nadals mentor?

Professional tennis player Rafael Nadal is mentored by the one and only, Toni Nadal, his uncle. Fun Fact: When Rafa was younger, Toni Nadal (who coached him back then as well) switched Rafa from being right-handed to left-handed, as he thought lefty's had an advantage in tennis.

Is Francesc Fabregas right-handed?

no, he is left handed, although he is right footed He is cross dominance, which is when you are right handed and play with eiher left or right hand or visa-versa. another example is Rafael Nadal, he's a right handed person but he uses his left hand to play tennis.

Is Rather Nodal left handed at tennis?

Rafel Nadal is left handed in tennis if that is what you ment

What hand does Rafael Nadal hold his tennis racket in?

Left, he was born right handed and uses his right hand for many thing writing, golf, etc. But he felt more comfortable playing left handed tennis.

What country does Rafael Nadal?

Rafael Nadal is from Spain.

Which hand does Rafael Nadal hold his tennis racket in?

Rafael Nadal hits as a lefty but does everything else with his right name.Rafael Nadal hits with his left hand but does everything else with his right hand.

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