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Rafael Nadal in 2008.

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Q: Last left handed player to win Wimbledon?
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How many left handed men have won Wimbledon?

Only 7 left-handed men have ever won Wimbledon singles.

How many left handed players have won Wimbledon?


Who was the most recent left handed player to win Wimbledon?

That would be Rafael Nadal. He won the Wimbledon Championships most recently in 2010. *Time goes by, of course, and this answer may need to be updated. Currently, this answer is speaking from 2013.

Is skylar diggins left handed?

Yes; she's a left handed player.

Who was the last left hander to win Wimbledon prior to Raphael Nadal?

john mcenroe

Did john linen play the guitar left handed?

No,He was right handed and his last name is spelled "Lennon"

What do you call a left handed baseball player?

South paw

Who is an Left handed Australian tennis players?

the only active, well-known left-handed Australian tennis player is Chris Guccione.

Is will smith left handed of right handed?

Left handed

Who was a left handed Australian tennis player?

Rod Laver, Tony Roche, Ray Ruffles, Owen Davidson,..... Ken Rosewall was left handed, but played tennis right handed

Why are left handed field hockey sticks against the rules?

Left-handed sticks are illegal because they create too much danger when combined with right-handed sticks. Since right-handed sticks are the dominant tradition, they are used instead of left-handed ones. A player with a left-hand stick tackling a player with a right-hand stick has a high chance of running into the player themselves, and vice versa; in the same situation, a player trying to tackle someone who has an opposite-handed stick is very likely to get hit by the followthrough swing if they decide to hit.

Is Floyd mayweather left handed or right?

He is Right handed when his opponent is left handed and he is really left handed

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