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yes in a way it is, but a Field Hockey field has a "dome shape" around the goal. and a soccer field's is more like a rectangle.

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Q: Is Hockey field and soccer field same?
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What is the players possitions called in field hockey?

same as soccer

Should I play field hockey or soccer?

field hockey

Are a field hockey field and a soccer field the same size?

Not exactly. A standard hockey field outline is exactly 91.40m x 55.00m while a soccer pitch outline can vary in width between 45m - 90m, and in length from 90m - 120m (as long as the touch line is longer than the goal line). There is a possibility that a soccer field may have the exact dimensions of a hockey field in outline only. There are also the differences of a circle (scoring area) against two rectangles (penalty box), and the absence of the 23m lines in soccer or the centre circle in hockey. There are additional marks required on a hockey field that a soccer pitch does not contain.

What Season is field hockey played in Is field hockey the same season as soccer?

Hockey and soccer are typically categorised as winter sports, so for the most part, yes; they are in the same season. However due to the difference in season between Nortern and Southern countries, both may be played during winter and summer.

Do people like soccer more than field hockey?

i heard that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and field hockey the second,

What sports have a field?

Baseball Cricket Soccer Field Hockey

What to sports is field hockey based off of?

i think hockey and soccer

How long in feet is a field hockey field?

A field hockey field [that isn't used as some other sports field: Football, Soccer, etc.] is typically 300 yards.

Can you wear soccer cleats for field hockey?

yes, you can. its probably better to wear them then any other cleets. soccer cleets are made for running constantly, which suits field hockey well.

What five sports are included in the oylmpic games?

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Field Hockey.

Name a sport that is played on a field?

American football, baseball, soccer, field hockey

Where is the cash register on club penguin field op?

It's in the Stadium (Soccer/hockey field)

What is the hat trick in soccer?

If it is the same as Hockey it is when a single player scores three goals himself in the same game and everyone throws their hats on the rink or in this case, field.

What sports are played in Malawi?

Soccer, rugby, field hockey, and crikett

What is a striker in field hockey?

A forward (like in soccer)

Is a soccer field bigger than a hockey arena?

Yes much

How are soccer and hockey the same?

They both share a same position "goalie".

What came first hockey or soccer?

That depends on whether you are referring to Ice Hockey or Field Hockey. Soccer originated with the ancient game of Harpastum, played by the Roman Legions, while Ice Hockey was invented in Canada in the 19th Century. Field Hockey, on the other hand is known to have been played in Ancient Greece at the Olympic Games. There is a monument in the museum at Olympia which depicts two players with typical curved field hockey sticks in a face-off position and a ball between them.

What commonwealth games sport is for woman only?

i would have to say tennis,soccer,football,field hockey,hockey,and volleyball

What sport is played on a rectangular field with a ball that you can't carry?

Soccer, Hockey

How many forwards in field hockey?

However many you want (like soccer)

What 4 sports have 11 players?

Soccer, cricket, field hockey, and softball

Is a soccer field the same size as a field hockey field?

A field hockey ground should be/is exactly 91.4 metres by 55 metres. A football field can range between 90 and 120 metres long, and 45 to 90 metres wide (and also longer than it is wide, but this is an unrelated point). Thus, for a smaller football field, it could be exactly the samesize as a field hockey ground, but it is unlikely when comparing the majority of fields.

Different types of hockey?

The most common types of hockey are ice hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, and street hockey. With the exception of field hockey, all of these types of hockey generally follow the same rules.

What is a green card in soccer?

there is no green card used in soccer. However in field hockey a green triangle represents a warning.