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i think hockey and soccer

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Q: What to sports is field hockey based off of?
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Why do you tape your field hockey stick?

Sports tape for field hockey is generally used to cover up scratch marks, which develop over playing. After you get multiple scratch marks in one place, and look like they can be threatening the usage of your field hockey stick, use the tape then. You can also use it to keep the binding around the top of your field hockey stick from falling off.

What does lifting the ball off the ground mean in field hockey?


What are the sports in Michigan?

Well, I know one right off the top of my head. There is Field Hockey, there is also a men's basketball team at Spartan University. I hope this partially answers your question!

Where are the NYU Field Hockey tournaments against Columbia usually held?

Currently, NYU doesn't play field hockey against Columbia. Both women and men's teams compete at fencing, lacrosse, ice hockey, basketball, swimming, Kendo, Taekwondo, athletics and several other less-popular sports there, but not field hockey. At the current moment, NYU doesn't have a fully fledged field hockey team. However, for many decades in the past, the sport did exist, and for some of the years during those times, both varsity teams faced off at the Coles Center, which was NYU's first modern gymnasium (both indoor and outdoor). Columbia does compete in field hockey at the present.

Do Harry Potter stars play sports off stage?

yeah. Emma Watson plays hockey

Who lifted the ball off the ground in field hockey?

What are some of the physical benefits to be derived from handball

How do you restart in field hockey after a goal?

you go to the center of the field and put the ball there and then you hit each others sticks 2 times and the off you go!

What came first hockey or soccer?

That depends on whether you are referring to Ice Hockey or Field Hockey. Soccer originated with the ancient game of Harpastum, played by the Roman Legions, while Ice Hockey was invented in Canada in the 19th Century. Field Hockey, on the other hand is known to have been played in Ancient Greece at the Olympic Games. There is a monument in the museum at Olympia which depicts two players with typical curved field hockey sticks in a face-off position and a ball between them.

What is the aerial ball in field hockey?

An aerial ball is when the ball goes into the air (a couple of feet off teh ground).

Are all video games science fiction?

Some video games are based on sports or mythology or even fantasy. There are video games based on baseball, football, hockey. Pokemon video games is fantastic animals based on a children's card game. Some are sheer silliness such as Donkey Kong.

Where does the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers play?

The NFL team the Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their home field is Heinz Field and are headquartered in the UPMC Sports Performance Complex, also in Pittsburgh. They started off as the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1933, but were renamed the Steelers in 1939.

What is the difference to sneakers and hockey shoes?

Sneakers are the type of shoes that isn't suitable for sports e.g converse, vans, DC and are usually for fashion. Hockey shoes are very similar to tennis shoes which can be used on and off the turf.

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