Should I play field hockey or soccer?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Should I play field hockey or soccer?
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What are all the sports that laos play?

Badminton, Soccer, Futsal, rugby, mountain biking, and field hockey

What other sports do US play?

Some sports that the US play include soccer, football, field hockey, hockey, track, basketball, racing, golf, swimming, cross country, wrestling, and alot more. Alot of people at my school play soccer.

Which sport should I play?

of coarse you HAVE to play hockey it's the all-time bestest sport in the world you could play tennis,golf,or soccer soccer is a sport that every country can play

How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

What sports are in Virginia?

People in Virginia play baseball, football, field hockey, gymnastics, and soccer.

What sports do they play in Seychelles?

There are a variety of sports played in Seychelles. Some of these include volleyball, soccer, as well as track and field.

What sports to Italians play?

soccer and hockey

What do people do for fun in China?

they play scrabble and also play Chinese ping pong chess and checkersthey play golf, field hockey, soccer, and baseball and basket ball

What sports do lithuanians play?

the most watched sports are ice hockey and soccer

What sports does a middle class children often play in school?

soccer basketball baseball tennis wrestling softball field hockey etc

What sport is best for tomboys?

i think its Field hockey/ice or soccer I'm a tomboy and i play soccer and all of my team are tomboys expect for one who's a stupid prep gross

What sports do Koreans play?

they play football, Golf, soccer, and hockey