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Hockey is way better than Basketball. In hockey you are allowed to hit (check) people. The game moves faster and is more exciting to watch!

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2011-01-18 20:23:16
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Q: Is Hockey Better than Basketball
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Why basketball is better than hockey?

because gretzky sucks balls

What sport is better hockey or basketball?


Which sport has better athletes hockey or basketball?


Comparison between hockey and basketball?

In both sports you are trying to score more goals/baskets than the other team. You also have five people out on the rink/court at one time. hockey is way better and basketball is an extremely wimpy sport But what really matters is what you think, if you like baksetball, then basketball is better, if you think hockey is better, then hockey is better.

Is volleyball clothes better than basketball clothes?

I think the volleyball uniforms are better than the basketball ones because they are cuter & shorter(: but what about field hockey ? is volleyball better than field hockey or no ? that's my question that has never been answered just wondering because I'm not sure which sport to try out for in high school ..

Is hockey better than swimming?

hockey is way better than suimming

Is baseball better than hockey and if it is that better than basketball?

This is strictly a matter of opinion. Someone in Canada, where ice hockey verges on a national sport, might say hockey is better. Someone in the United States, where baseball is extremely popular, you may hear baseball is better. And basketball also has many fans who would say it is the best. If you have a more specific question, such as which is the fastest paced of the two, or in which sport are you more likely to lose teeth or receive broken bones, then one may be the more accurate answer than the other. But "which is better?"...that's just opinion.

Is basketball better than golf?

Basketball -

Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

Floor hockey is similar to ice hockey and much more -------k- than basketball?

floor hockey is similar to ice hockey with same sized goals

What is older basketball or hockey?


Hockey baseball basketball football which is the oldest?

Baseball is then Basketball then hockey and then football.

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