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Most people say Hockey is very similar to Ringette. But then again it's very different. Different Equipment. Different rules. Different pace. Different game.

By the way Ringette is NOT hockey for girls.

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2010-11-13 15:48:31
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Q: What sport is RINGETTE very similar to?
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Which sport is faster ringette or hockey?

Ringette is faster then hockey!

Who invented ringette and why?

Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario. He created this sport because he saw the need to create a ice sport for females.

When did the sport ringette start?

Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in NOrth Bay Ont in 1963. 2013 will be the 50th anniversary year.

Why isn't ringette in the Olympics?

Ringette is not an olympic sport because not enough countries play it. 11-Countries 13-Countries needed

Is ringette going to be an Olympic sport?

i do not believe so due to many of the countries that do not have and know that kind of sport

What is ringette?

it is the hardest ice sport IN THE WORLD that is a good thing because if it were easy it would be called hockey

What is the national sport of Romania?

The national sport of Romania is oina, very similar to baseball.

What are the 7 divisions of ringette?

1st:bunnies 2nd:novice 3rd:petite 4th:tween 5th:junior 6th:queen there is also ringette like the NHL but for ringette and you have to make it

Why is ringette not so popular?

The reason ringette is not popular is because nobody has really ever heard of it before and its a girls sport that originated in Canada (best place ever) and people think that girls can't compete but personally I'm in love with the sport, its the best thing I have ever done in my life it is so much fun

Who is the best ringette goalie player in Canada?

the best ringette goalie would probably be on the Canada game ringette team so you would have to check it out

What other sport is Gaelic handball similar to?

Gaelic handball is similar to American handball the sport, as well as squash, racquetball and basque pelota. It is a very popular sport played in Ireland.

Do boys play ringette?

Boys can play ringette i believe up until the Petite (U12) division. However boys can be a ringette goalie at any age.

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