Is David villa single

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes, he has wife, and a beautiful daughter:D

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Is david villa married i dont think so! No he is not married.!

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He has two daughters, Zaida and Olaya.

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Q: Is David villa single
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David villa full name?

David Villa Sánchez

Who is David villa's father?

david villa's father is JOSE MANUEL VILLA

Who is better david villa or ronaldo?

david villa is better

Who is david villa's dad?

David Villa said that his father was a miner, José Manuel Villa.

Is Pancho Villa single?

No, Pancho Villa is not single.

Is David villa a Muslim?

As David Villa comes from Spain he is a catholic.

What team is David villa on?

David Villa plays for Barcelona and Spain.

What is age of David villa?

David Villa is 29 years old.

Is David Villa better then Robinho?


What is David villa nickname?

David Villa's nickname is "El Guaje" :)

When is David villa birthday?

David Villa's birthday is December 3,1981.

When was David Villa born?

David Villa was born on December 3, 1981.