What team is David villa on?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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David Villa plays for Barcelona and Spain.

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Q: What team is David villa on?
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What team does David villa play for?

David Villa plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

What team does the footballer David Villa?

This season david villa will play for Barcelona, and he has already scored a goal for Barcelona.

Which team is david villa now?

FC Barcelona.

What was the first team of David Villa?

David Villa's first team was sporting Gijon a team from Spain, who play in the first division. then he played for real zaragoza then valencia and now he plays for Barcelona

Who is the best player in the french football team?

David Villa

What team david villa play for in 2008?

sevilla fc

Why is David Villa important?

plays soccer for team Spain

What team was david villa playing for before Barcelona?

FC Valencia

What team did david villa play for in 2010?

FC Barcelona (spain)

David villa full name?

David Villa Sánchez

Who is Argentina's soccer team captain 2012?

David Villa and Lionel Messi

Who is David villa's father?

david villa's father is JOSE MANUEL VILLA