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david villa is better

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Q: Who is better david villa or ronaldo?
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How is better christiano ronaldo or david villas?

David Villa

Is david villa better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

C.ronaldo is the best player ever and David villa is not better than him.

Is David Villa better then Robinho?


Who is better david villa or Lionel messi?


Is David Villa better than Robinho?


Does ronaldo know david villa?

he should know him as they both play in Spain.

Who are some popular soccer players?

Lionel Messi,David Villa,Ronaldo,Drugba,David Beckham

Who is better Rooney or david villa?

Rooney is better than David villa by far because Rooney is deadly and David villa gets good support and Rooney doesn't so Rooney is better.

Is david villa better than Pedro?

david villa because his goals are better than pedro but they are great players

What are Lionel's Messi's pets called?

He owns one called Ronaldo and owns David Villa.

What football players wore the number 7?

Cristiano Ronaldo, David Villa, David Becham, Raul, Ronaldo (Brazil), Frank Ribery, there's a whole lot more though

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or david villa?

Of course david villa is better did you see david villa's goals in the el classico 2010 that was amazing but Cristiano ronaldo sucks he doesnt move he doesnt do anything in matches he even missed a goal while the goal keeper was tricked by 1 of the players (s.ramous) and the distance was like 50cm and he missed the goal he actually missed it. Cristiano also sucks at soccer because soccer is a man game not a girl game and i don't even know why Cristiano ronaldo plays soccer because hes gay and for me i think hes a girl. :D

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