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Q: Is David Villa better then Robinho?
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Is David Villa better than Robinho?


Who is better david villa or ronaldo?

david villa is better

Who is better Rooney or david villa?

Rooney is better than David villa by far because Rooney is deadly and David villa gets good support and Rooney doesn't so Rooney is better.

Who is better david villa or Lionel messi?


Is david villa better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

C.ronaldo is the best player ever and David villa is not better than him.

Is david villa better than Pedro?

david villa because his goals are better than pedro but they are great players

How is better christiano ronaldo or david villas?

David Villa

Who is better ronldinho or robinho?

robinho because he has made a better impact in milan than roni

Who is better david villa or Fernando Torres?

Well, that's a matter of opinion, but I think 2010 definitely belonged to David Villa, personally.

Is Villa better than Torres?

david villa and Fernando Torres they both are good i like both them but villa is good in attacks on opponent team so i think villa is better than Torres.

Who is better David Silva or David villa?

It is so David Sliva he is like the best person in athletes

Who is better Steven Gerrard or David Villa?

Both are good players

Who is better david villa or carlos tevez?

they both play good

Who is David villa's father?

david villa's father is JOSE MANUEL VILLA

Who is better robinho or nani?

robinho is definetly better he controlls his left side of the wing very well, rarely turns over the ball, to me nani is not in the same category as robinho, he turnover he ball to give out costly wins and also tries to do to much on his own, so therefore robinho would be the smarter and obvious choice

Who is david villa's dad?

David Villa said that his father was a miner, José Manuel Villa.

Who is better kaka or robinho?

of course kaka.

David villa's full name?

David Villa Sánchez

Is David villa a Muslim?

As David Villa comes from Spain he is a catholic.

What team is David villa on?

David Villa plays for Barcelona and Spain.

When is David villa birthday?

David Villa's birthday is December 3,1981.

What is David villa nickname?

David Villa's nickname is "El Guaje" :)

What is age of David villa?

David Villa is 29 years old.

What is David villa hair color?

David Villa has blackish hair.

Who is better David Villa or Kaka?

David Villa has been in better form for the last couple years like his good performances for Spain in the World Cup, while Kaka has been average. However, in all their career Kaka is better with the UEFA Champions League Title, and The World Player of the Year Award.