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That's a fair time.

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Q: Is 15.04 on 100m good for a girl aged 14?
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What is a good time for an average 13 yr old girl to run 100m?


What is a good 100m dash time for a 14 yr old girl?

13 - 13.5 seconds

What is a good time for a 10 year old to run 100 meters?

i would say a good 100m time for a 10 year old boy is around 16-17secs. I am an 11 year old girl and ran the 100m in 15.9 secs.

What is the average time for a 11 year old girl in 100m?

I do 14:89 but 15 or 16 seconds is also good

What is the average 100m sprint time for a 13 year old girl?

14-15seconds but if you're good at it in the 13 seconds mark.

What is a good time for an average 10 year old girl in the 100m sprint?

An average time? I would say about 18 seconds.

Is 12.49 to do a 100m sprint good for 15 year old girl?

yes that is very good, you never know you could really achieve something with a time like that!

What is a good 100m dash time for a 7 year old girl?

17.5 seconds is superfast for an under 7 girl. 19 seconds is quick, top 10% or so for the age group.

Is 12.82 seconds a good time for a 12 year old in 100m?

Yes 12.82s is a good time assuming it was timed by an official timekeeper or by a photo finish. If you are a girl, you are a freak. If you are a boy, you are borderline freak.

What is expected time for an 8 year old 100m sprint?

For an 8 year old the 100m is not a sprint; it is an endurance event. Any child, male or female, who can out run their fellow children aged 8 will most likely become a very good middle distance runner when older. Basically, sprint times run at this age are meaningless. Taking part and trying to win is all that matters to kids of this age.

For a 13 year old is a 13.04 good 100m dash?


What is a good 100m and 200m time for a junior in high school?

A good time for the 200m is 26 seconds and under. Those who are most competitive run a 23 or 24. As for the 100m 12 seconds and under is great but 11 is amazing. Good Luck!

What is the average swim time for 100m swim for a 15 year old girl?

it depends on how competitive you are. For a very competitive swimmer, a 1:00 would be very good. It could be much faster though.

What are good internet speeds?

100M for $39.99/m from IVC Telecom

What are some good Tips on coaching 100m dash?

Build your thigh muscles and get good with the starting blocks.

Is 13.8 seconds a good time for a 12 year old girl in100m?

Yes that is a very good 100m time. Any time within 80% of the national age group "Midget" girls ages 11-12 record time is considered potentially national class time. This girl [age 12] who ran 100m in 13.8 is within 88% of the American Youth Outdoor Track & Field Record 100 m, 12.10, [set by Angela Williams, July, -31,1992 in Walnut, CA.]

What is a good 100m and 200m time for a freshman in high school?

A good time to run it in is .... * a girl = 12/13 seconds for a 100 and about 26/27 in 200m * a boy = 10/12 seconds for a 100 and about 23/25 in 200m

What is good way for the aged?


Is 13.47 seconds a good time for a 10 year old at 100m?


Was Mary Tudor a good kid?

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What is a good 308 target rifle?

"Good" is subjective. Do you want 100 USD good or 10000 USD good? You want MOA at 100m or MOA at 1000m?

Average 100m time for 15 year old girl?

I'm not an expert - so probably not qualified to answer this question correctly. Most 15 year old girls I know (I am around this age also) don't even bother running 100m, so you are doing well for a start. I would say around 15 seconds is a good time for a 15 year old.

Is 13.6 a good time for an 11yearold boy on 100m?

That is exceptional, your the next Usain Bolt!

Is 10.8 seconds a good 100m time for a 16 year old 150lb guy?


What is a good time for an average 16 year old boy in a 100m sprint?