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13 - 13.5 seconds

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Q: What is a good 100m dash time for a 14 yr old girl?
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What is the fastest time a 10 year old girl ran the 100m dash?


What is a good 100m dash time for a 7 year old girl?

17.5 seconds is superfast for an under 7 girl. 19 seconds is quick, top 10% or so for the age group.

A horse's 100m dash time?

5 seconds

What is a good 100 meter dash time for a 17 year old?

A really good 100m dash time for a 17 year old would be anything faster than an 11.5

Is 15.04 on 100m good for a girl aged 14?

That's a fair time.

What is 12.5 seconds in 100m in a 40 yard dash?

A 12.5-second 100m equates to a time of 4.572 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

What is the qualifying time for the 100 meter dash in the Olympics?

In 2008, the Qualifying time for the 100m dash was 10.07s

How would you convert 100 meter dash time to 100 yard dash?

Divide the 100m time by 0.9144.

What was Wilma Rudolph's fastest time in the 100m dash?

Wilma time for 100 m dash was 11 plus.

Girls fastest time for 100m dash 9-10?


What is the record time for 100m dash?

9.58s for men and 10.49s for women.

What is the world recard time fOR 100m dash for teens?

11.25 seconds

What is a good time for an average 13 yr old girl to run 100m?


Who holds the record for the men 100m dash and what is his time?

Usain Bolt with 9.58s

What is the time of the fastest 100m dash?

9.58s by Usain Bolt in Berlin 2009.

What is the winning time in 1992 100m dash for women?

10.82 from Gail Devers

What is the average German shepherd kennel time?

Three seconds on the 100m dash!

What is a good time for a girl in the 200 dash?

around 30 seconds

Who holds the world record in men's 100m dash?

the fastest time set by a male to do a 100m sprint is usain bolt, he did it in 9.59seconds

What is the average speed of the 100m dash?

the fastest 100m dash was set by usian bolt with 9.69 seconds and for many olympic athletes their time averages around 10-11 seconds

What is a good 200 meter dash time for a high school freshman girl?

Around a 24-28 seconds on 200 meter dash is a good time.

What is a good time for an average 10 year old girl in the 100m sprint?

An average time? I would say about 18 seconds.

Who holds the record for the women 100m dash and what is her time?

Florence Griffiths-Joyner with 10.49s.

What is a good 100m dash time for 13 year old girl?

the answer would be around 11.90 - 13.90 i ran 12.92 and i hold my regional record but that's about in the middle so yeah. probably 13-13.5 seconds :)

What is the 100 meter dash high school girl time?

14. 56 is a good time