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we can do nothing to promote sports in India

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Q: What can we do to promote sports in India?
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What can you do to promote sports talent in India?

there must be good activities in schools and colleges..... uyou never know about the young talent! they can rise India's talent in sports!!

Who is the sports president of India?

There is no sports president in India. The sports minister of India is Mr. MS Gill

How can you promote sports?

Well you have to try out for a sport and the coach will decide if you promote the team or not.

What steps you will take to promote khadi in India?

If you are appointed as a president of KVIC what steps you will take to promote khadi in India

Does sports promote diversity?

yh defo

What measures shuold government take to promote sports in India?

Job opportunities must be made available for the sports person in the society. This can be achieved by government.The sports activities must be made as an integral part of our curriculum both at school and college level.

What are the roles of a Sports Marketing Manager?

to promote the club.

How do you promote peace through sports?

you can promote peace through sports by showing good sportsmanship and also athletes can guide little children to a better living.

Why is blue India's national sports colour?

India's national sports color is Blue. It is due to SAHARA INDIA.

Why austrilla is better then India in sports?

Australia focuses on sports more than India

Which city is known as the sports city of India?

Jalandhar is known as the Sports City of India.

Why India lagging in Sports?

India is lagging in Sports because of Cricket obsession. Not many people follow any other Sports, hence, no passion, no money in any other Sports in India.

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