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It is the sport of rugby. The Calcutta Cup is a Rugby union trophy.

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Q: In which sport does England play Scotland for the Calcutta Cup?
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When England and Scotland play in rugby union why is it called the calcutta cup?

That is because the Calcutta Cup is awarded to the winner of this annual fixture.

Is rugby a scottish sport?

Scotland are one of the first nations to play Rugby Union, indeed the first ever international match was between Scotland and England. However, Rugby was invented in 1876 in England. Scotland did invent Rugby sevens though, the shorter version of the game in Melrose in 1883.

Where was Scotland when the Macbeth play written?

Scotland was where it is today, north of England.

Why do people in England want to play sport?

because England is the best country in the world at sport that is why they all want to play for us!!!

How did ian botham play cricket for England and football for Scotland?

Because he was good at both cricket and football and was from Scotland and England!

What animal is on top of the Calcutta cup?

It's an elephant. The history is interesting regarding the origins of this cup The Calcutta Rugby Club was set up by traveling sportsmen, often cricketers, public school connections and the military in 1872 but did not really gain a foothold; rugby is far too physical to play in the stifling heat of India and, besides, there was competition from other sport like polo and cricket; far more leisurely and civilised. The members of the Calcutta Rugby Club realised this and the Club was wound up after only five years, but on finalising the books, the coffers were found to be quite healthy; the Calcutta Rugby Club was sitting on the princely sum of around £60 - all in silver rupees! The decision was made to have a trophy of some sort produced from these silver rupees and to offer the trophy to the RFU with the condition that it should be played for in a rugby match. The RFU agreed and the first Calcutta Cup match was played between England and Scotland in 1879 hence the first International fixture was formed. The match ended in a draw. The England Scotland fixture has been played annually for the Calcutta Cup.

What Scottish football team plays football in England?

Gretna used to play in England till it got entered into the scottish football league, where it went bust. Berwick Rangers are on the England/Scotland border but play in Scotland.

What country invades Scotland at the end of Macbeth play?


What are the 6 nation rugby championships?

It is a rugby tournament played between England, Scotland Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. The winner having beaten all other teams wins the Grand Slam. The teams classed as the "home countries", England, Scotland Ireland, Wales play a tournament within the 6 nations the winner having beaten the other home countries wins the Triple Crown. The other tournament which is the oldest Rugby Union tournament in the world which is played within the 6 nations is between England and Scotland for the Calcutta Cup.

Is there any other sport they play in Scotland?

football, rugby. golf, athletics and tennis

What sport do England play?

football /cricket / rugby/

What sport does the New England Patriots play?


What sport does johnny wilkinson play?

Rugby for England

Who did Scotland play in their first international match in 1872?

They played England.

In the play Macbeth which nation army invades Scotland in the end?


Which nations army invades Scotland at the end of the Macbeth play?


When did Scotland last play England in a major tournament?

In football it was the play-off for the 2000 European Championships. Scotland won the second-leg 1-0 at Wembley.

What sport do players play for ashes?

They play Cricket, mainly, "England vs. Australia".

Why do the scottish play soccer?

Soccer is an international sport. There are many excellent players and managers that have originated from Scotland

What percentage of people play golf in England?

It is estimated that approximately 4,000,000 people in England play golf, which is 8 percent of the adult population. The national sport in England is cricket.

What sports is played in England?

football is the main sport of England but we also play cricket tennis and rugby

What sport do the people in England play?

soccer,rugby and tennis and golf

What does sport England believe they can do?

They believe they can play football, but in America soccer.

What sport do they play in England?

Almost every sport in the world, The main four ar rugby, football, cricket and hockey.

What does the organization Sport England do?

Sport England put all their efforts to focus on giving people an active, healthy, sport-filled life. They love to create opportunities for young people to play sports as well as developing their talents.