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Scotland is famous for inventing Golf but football and Rugby are very popular as well as many highland sports

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Football (soccer) is the most played sport in Scotland.

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Q: What sports do they play in Scotland?
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What team do Scotland play for?

Scotland is a country. It has its national teams in various sports.

What sports do Scotland people play in their country?

scottish people play football(soccer),rugby,shinty(like hockey) and curling.

What are the names of the 14 sports Scotland started?

Some of the 14 sports that Scotland started are: football, curling, golf, cycling, shinty, and shot put. Was billiards& darts in the 14 sports Scotland started and tossing the caber& swimming

Did Paterson-Brown play for Scotland?

yes he did play for Scotland

What sports did Scotland win the World Cup?

Scotland has never won the world cup.

What is the most popular activity in Scotland?


Types of sports Scotland has?

Basically, the Scottish play most of the sports you and me play. The most popular sport is football, the oldest sport known is caber tossing (I think!) and the most famous one is, again, football. I think they have 'Haggis Throwing' as well. Hope this helps!

Where do Scotland play for international games?

The Scotland football team play at Hampden Park in Glasgow. The Scotland Rugby team play at Murrayfield Park in Edinbugh.

Did Scotland play in the 1966 World Cup?

No, Scotland did not play in the 1966 World Cup.

What sports did they play during the Protestant Reformation?

The form of bowling and Blackjack were invented at the time. Otherwise, the sports of the time were for the nobles who could afford it. Reference:

Can pro soccer plays play other pro sports?

Andy Goram played for Scotland at football and Cricket but I belive he had to give up cricket when playing for Rangers.

Do they play lacrosse in Scotland?

Yes, Scotland has a national team.