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Q: In which city is the 2009 Champions League final due to be played?
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What is the date of the UEFA Champions League Cup Final 2009?

The 2009 Champions League Final was held in Rome on Romas ground on Wednesday May 27th 2009.

When is champions league final 2009?

Wednesday 27th May 2009

What date is the 2009 champions league final?

27 May 2009

How many English players played in the 2009 champions league?

If you're talking about the 2009 Champions League final, then: Rio Ferdinand Michael Carrick Paul Scholes Wayne Rooney So 4.

What team won the UEFA champions league last season?

As the question was asked in December 2009, the answer is Barcelona, who won the 2009 Champions League Final on the 27th of May 2009.

When is European champions league final 2009?

27 May in Rome

How many times has man united lost champions league final?

Manchester United have only ever lost one Champions League final, against Barcelona in 2009.

Where was champions league final held in 2009?

Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy.

What was the goal music at the Champions League final 2009?

Samba de Janeiro

Who scored for the team which won the champions league 2009?

in the final barca scored with messi and eto'o

Which television station will air the Champions League Final for 2009?

In the UK, ITV and Sky Sports.

What color are Manchester United wearing in the 2009 champions league final?

They were wearing their red jerseys.