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May 27th according to the link below.

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Q: What is the date of the 2009 champions league final in rome?
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What date is the 2009 champions league final?

27 May 2009

What is the date of the UEFA Champions League Cup Final 2009?

The 2009 Champions League Final was held in Rome on Romas ground on Wednesday May 27th 2009.

What date is theEUFA champions league final?

May 21 2015

What is the date of the 2010 Champions League Final?

22 may 2010

What date is the champions league cup final of 2008 played on?

21st May, Moscow

Which is the date for this years champions league finals and in which ground?

This year's Champions league finals will be played on 6th June. The final will be played in Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

Date for league one playoff final 2009?

24th May 2009

What is the date of the 2009 uefa cup final?

The date for the final of the hampion league is to be held in Rome, on Romas ground, on the 29th of may 2009

What is the date of the scottish league cup final 2009?

Sunday 15th March 2009

What is the date for the uefa champions league final 2011?

28 may 2011 ! Barcelona vs Manchester united

What was the date when Chelsea lost the champions league final vs man you?

The UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea took place on 21 May 2008. United beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties, after the match ended 1-1 after 120 minutes.

What date is the league two play off final 2009?

Saturday 23rd May according to