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One point.

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Q: In volleyball what is achieved when the ball is served past the opposing team and remains in bounds?
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What is achieved when the ball is served past the opposing team and remains in bounds?

If a ball is served over the opposing teams heads and is in bounds, they can back up and try to pass it, but if they fail to do so, the serving side receives a point for an ace, and they get to serve again.

In volleyball when do you serve after the opposing team?

You serve as soon as the opposing team loses a point(serves it into the net, out of bounds, you get a point, etc).

In volleyball a point is scored when?

when the opposing team misses the ball, hits the ball into the net, misses the serve, or hits it out of bounds.

What is opponent error in volleyball?

When a team earns a point because the opposing team has broken a rule of regulation, such as going out of bounds.

If the volleyball lands on the line is it out of bounds?


What is an antenna in volleyball?

In volleyball, there is an antenna. It is there to mark the place of the "out of bounds" line on the court. If the ball ever hits the antenna, the ball is "out of bounds".

When is a volleyball considered out of bounds?

Hey! Good question.....we are playing volleyball in gym right now so I know this one-it's good review :) -A Volleyball is out of bounds when it touches the out of bounds line -It is out of bounds if it doesn't make it over the net on a return or if it doesn't make it over the net on a serve.

What is out of bounds in volleyball?

Out of bounds means on the outer side of the line. If the ball touches the line, it is considered in.

What position does the person serve from in volleyball?

From behind the out-of-bounds line.

What are the objectives in volleyball?

the objective is to win the point by: 1. the ball hitting the floor inside the boundaries of the opposing teams court 2. the opposing team being the last to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds 3. the opposing team fouling 4. the opposing team fails to send the ball over the net 5. the opposing team touching the ball more than three times

How do you judge in volleyball?

u decide if the ball is in bounds or out of bounds, or if the server stepped over the line when serving. hope i helped :)

What is it called when you hit the netor hit the volleyball out of bounds?

when you are hitting a ball,and you hit the net or hit it out of bounds that is called a hitting error.

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