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Keep your hands together and make a flat platform with your arms. Be down low and when a ball is hut at you watch it hit your arms without moving your elbows. Use your shoulders to simply shrug towards the ball when it hits your arms.

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you really shouldn't, instead keep your arms stationary and use your legs to push the ball forward.

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Q: In volleyball instead of swinging your arms how should you pass the ball?
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What direction should your arms follow through when striking the volleyball?

Your arms should follow through parallel to you body. (Assume right handed) Your left arm should pull down from in front and above your head before contact, with your right arm swinging through along a similar path in front for contact. Arm path should be an 'over the top' and not an an angle.

Is swinging your arms around in circles very quickly an example of centrifugal force?

Swinging your arms around in circles very quickly is an example of centrifugal force.

What does flailing his arms mean?

To Flail means to move around in swinging, or waving (usually awkward) motions.He's moving his arms in crazy, awkward, swinging motions.

How passing is done in volleyball?

You are in a a squat position, then have your arms straight and don't swing them. Swinging them will have the ball out of control. have your hands one in a fist and then other wrapped around it. It is a very important concept. Try looking on youtube.

Which of these would you expect to produce the most centrifugal force A spinning arms slowly B spinning forearms arms slowly with biceps tightly at sides C swinging arms fast in circles with arms out?

swinging your arms around in circles very quickly

Why does spinning with your arms out make you go slower?

gravity slows your body by swinging your arms

Do you bend your arms in volleyball?

Yes, you can use your arms and wrists as long as you use the volleyball passing technique or if your fist is closed. Having an open hand and raising your arms on the ball is an illegal lift that you will get called for in games.

Is swinging the arms backwards in the sagittal plane abduction?


How do you not land on your head when doing a back handspring?

When you start it, you should swing your arms back while going into a sitting position and then jump off your feet while swinging your arms back.

What was the use of the volleyball?

To have fun, strengthen your arms, compete, improve, and make new friends! :)

What muscles are used for digging in volleyball?

your thy and arms

How do you lose weight playing volleyball?

pumping your arms