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In the NBA they are now fined for flopping if it is determined from the video which the league watches after the fact. But no in game penalty.

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Q: In the game of basketball what is the penalty when a defensive player flops to the ground over and over again?
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What is a penalty in basketball?

One type of penalty is when a defensive player hits the hand of the shooter when shooting, or travel when you take to many steps before bouncing the basketball.

What is a flop in basketball?

A flop is when they are guarding and the offensive player charges in and the defensive guys falls to the ground to try to get a charge foul called

Can a ball carrier hurdle a defensive player?

Absolutely. There's no penalty for that.

How long does a defensive basketball player have in the lane?

As long as they want.

What is international foul?

In basketball, an intentional foul is deliberately committed by a defensive player with a purpose to stop the play. The penalty or penalties of an intentional foul are foul shots from the fouled player in exchange for ball possession.

What is the best defensive basketball player?

There are many different opinions on who the greatest defensive basketball player ever was. However one of the most popular opinions is that Michael Jordan was the best.

In an inbounding the basketball sitiation can a defensive player touch the ball while in the inbounding players hands?

No A team can not inbound the ball from the front court into the back court without penalty.

Can a Basketball defensive player hit the hand of offensive player to jar ball loose?


Can a defensive player in basketball stay in the lane for more than 3 seconds?

Yes. A defensive player can stay in the lane as long as they wish.

What is defensive player in basketball?

a player that is on the team without the ball. the team that is trying to get back or steal the ball from the offensive team is the defensive team.

Can a defensive basketball player step on endline when defending an offensive player driving baseline?


If a player intercepts a ball and is tackled as time runs out but there is a defensive penalty on the play what happens?

The penalty is enforced and time is restored to when the penalty took place. Since the game can't end on a defensive penalty, the offense (the intercepting team) would be given one untimed down.

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