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As long as they want.

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Q: How long does a defensive basketball player have in the lane?
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Can a defensive player in basketball stay in the lane for more than 3 seconds?

Yes. A defensive player can stay in the lane as long as they wish.

In basketball on ofence how long can a player be in the lane?

3 seconds

In basketball what is the distance a defensive player has to give the offensive player throwing the ball in from out of bounds?

The defensive player just has to be on the inbounds part of the court. As long as they do not break the plane or touch the offensive player they are in a legal position.

Can a defensive player line head up on long snapper?

No a defensive player may not touch or line head up on a long snapper.

Is it a technical foul if defensive players touches the basketball while inn the hands of the offensive player?

uhm no!!!!!!!! its called playing basketball! that's what your suppose to do. as long as they don't hit the person while trying to get the basketball then its not even a foul

Why did the basketball player need long arms?

answer to the riddle why did the basketball player need long arms: to reach his hands

How long do you have to go to school to be a basketball player?

you don't go to school to be a basketball player

How long can an offensive player stand in the lane?


How long can an NBA defensive player stand in the paint?

as long as an offensive player, unless he is guarding someone, which is 3 seconds.

Who was the first women basketball player?

Denise long

How long will a basketball player be out with a dislocated shoulder?


How long is a Curling lane?

An Olympic curling lane is 126 feet from where the player starts to the tee (the center of the bullseye).

Who is the highest paid player in Philippine basketball association?

Mac Cardona has long been the highest paid basketball player in the PBA.

How long can player hold the basketball when guarded?

5 seconds

How long do you have to be in college to be a basketball player?

over 100 years

How long do you go to college to become a basketball player?

4 years!!!

How long will you have to go to college to be a basketball player?

at least a few years

How long is an offensive player allowed to have at least 1 foot in the lane?

3 seconds

Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

You are a basketball player how long do you have to wait before playing againappendix was removed last Thursday night?

i am a basketball player how long do i have to wait before playing again,had appendix removed last Thursday night

How is the height of a basketball player related to dribbling the basketball?

The taller the basketball player the longer it will take for the ball to hit the floor. The stronger he is though, will help the ball not take as long to hit the floor or court.

How long will it take to reach your career goal as a basketball player?

3 year

How long is the average basketball player's career?

5 years is average in the NBA.

How long is a player allowed to hold a basketball in a game of basetball?

5 seconds

How long can an offensive player stay in the key for?

Three seconds, same way for a defensive player, both are allowed only three seconds in the key.