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In both Baseball and softball all lines are considered to be fair territory. If a batted ball hits the line on the fly, but then rolls into foul territory, it is still considered a fair ball. This rule only applies to a ball hit past either the first or third base bag. A ball that hits the line, or inside the line, before reaching the first or third base bag is a foul ball.

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Q: In softball is it fair if the ball is on the foul line?
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What is a fair in softball?

Any ball that lands in the area within the foul line

Is the ball fair or foul if it is a line drive and you are in fair territory but reach in foul territory to catch it and touch the ball?

It is considered a foul out. The ball determines wether it is fair or foul.

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

A batter hits a fly ball and it lands on the right field foul line is it fair or foul?

The foul line is considered part of fair territory. It would be a fair ball.

If a ball is hit down the third base line rolls on the fair foul line hits third base and goes foul Is the ball fair or foul?

It's a fair ball if the batted ball hits the base.

If a batted ball is down the foul line of 1st or 3rd base then it's a fair ball?

if the ball is hit on the foul line then it is foul

If the ball hits the line is in or out of play?

One of the mysteries of baseball is that the foul line is "fair." If a fly ball hits the foul line beyond 1B or 3B, the ball is fair.

What is the difference between fair ball from foul ball?

The markings on the field has a foul line. This is by the running paths by 1st and 3rd. Any ball that lands in between the foul line is a fair ball. Any ball that lands out the foul line is a foul. When ball rolls on the infield and goes out the foul territory will be called foul. But when ball lands on the outfield and rolls to foul territory is a live ball

Is it a foul ball if a player touches while in fair territory?

It is the position of the ball in relation to the foul line...NOT the player.

When the ball hits the ground outside the baseline before it clears 1st base is it fair or foul?

The ball has to hit the ground in fair territory past the base before crossing the foul line for it to be fair. Even if the ball bounces in fair territory, if it crosses the foul line before it passes the base it's a foul ball.

If a ball goes over third base and hits the foul line and goes into fair play is it a foul ball?

NO - if it hits the line after the base and comes into play, it's fair. NO - if it hits the line after the base it's fair.

How is a ball called in or out when hit down the line?

If the ball hits any part of the line, it is a fair ball, and is not called. The umpire is supposed to stay silent. If the ball lands outside of the line in foul territory, the umpire puts their hands about their head ans says foul. If a ball bounces in fair territory, but leaves fair territory before is passes a base, it is a foul ball. If the ball bounce in fair territory, but it goes foul after passing a base, then is it still considered a fair ball.

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