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No, in no level of softball or Baseball can you use your helment or hat to catch a ball

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Q: In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch a foul ball in her helmet?
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What is the job for a catcher in softball?

They mainly protect the bases and catch a pitch

Can you use a baseball catchers glove in softball?

You could technically, but a softball would not fit in a baseball glove. The slit in a baseball glove is a lot smaller than the opening in a softball catcher's mitt. It would be very hard to actually catch the ball with a baseball catcher's mitt

What are the responsibilities of a catcher in a softball?

The catcher has a really important job! the catcher and pitcher are the leaders of the team pretty much! the catcher protects home base almost. if someone is on 3rd and coming home . she has to catch the ball and tag the base and/or the person to make sure she doesnt get a run!.;]

In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch the ball in her helmet?

I Do not remember but I think that as long as she catches the ball it doesn't say how she has to do it. As far as I know she can do it with anything. I have seen it where it was do with the face mask and the girl was called out so at that time it was OK with a mask so I don't see a difference between the two from what I gather you are asking if she has to use the glove and I do not think the Rules say she has to use the glove as far as that gos never seen where it says anyone has to use a glove for anything and I do know in the infield or out field you can catch the ball in your hat and its still an out. Hope that helps a little

Why is a softball big?

A softball is big because it is easier to see,hit,and catch.

What the dream catcher do?

They say that a dream catcher is to catch bad dreams.

Softball equiptments and their meanings?

bat-used to hit the ball mitt- used to catch the ball helmet-(only can be used when batting) used to protect your head batting gloves- used to protect your hands Those are just some essentials. There is lots of softball equipment.

What does colonel catcher catch?


How do you play women's softball?

you catch and throw a ball

How do you catch a softball?

If you have to ask you probably shouldn't play.

What is the function of a softball?

=The function of a softball is for it to be played in the game, softball. You throw the ball or catch it when someone throws it to you. It's not very hard to learn.=

What is moray catcher?

A moray catcher is also known as a fisherman for eels. That is, they hunt and catch eels like fishermen catch fish.

What is a foul ball considered in softball?

A foul ball is considered a strike in softball if you catch it its an out. but if it bounces of a fence an you catch it its not an out. If it bounces of an that would have been the third stike then its an out

It has to catch its foods so it is a?

food catcher

How do you break in a catcher's mitts?

You catch a lot with it.

What is the epuipment used for in softball?

the equipment used in softball is a mitt is used to catch the ball, the bat is used to hit the ball, the bases are to run and be called safe or out, the helmet is to protect your head, the mouth guard is to protect your face if you were to have braces!, the cleets are used to run and run faster!, the bag is to keep your stuff in!

Can a player who loses his helmet catch a pass?

In the NFL yes.

Who is the youngest MLB catcher to catch a no hitter?


What do you call people that catch lobster?

Lobster catcher.

What happens if you catch a ball at a match?

If your at a baseball or softball game and you catch it in the stands it does not count as a out and you can keep the ball

What is strike in softball?

Jeez, first of all, you need to catch up on reading that rules book of yours! A strike is a pitch thrown by the pitcher and hits the catcher's glove so that the catcher doesn't have to move her/his glove at all. Or if the pitch is in the "strike zone", the umpire may also call it a strike.

What can't a base fielder do in softball?

the base fielder cant catch

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

What is the role of a first baseman in softball?

in softball, a first baseman has to: -cover their base when a ball is hit to the infield and prepare for the throw -charge when the batter squares to bunt -be able to catch a ball that is coming at them really fast either from the third baseman, shortstop, or second baseman -be able to get to their base really quickly in case you are getting ready to catch a throw from the catcher if they are trying to pick off the person at first base -be able to catch wild throws anywhere within 5 square feet of the base this is what a first baseman has to do in order to be a good softball player. :D

In softball which hand do players catch with?

It depends if they are right or left handed. If they are right handed, they catch with there left. If they are left handed, they catch with there right.