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no. because you have to swing for it to be a foul ball .its really a strike

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Q: In softball and you are in your stance and the pitcher throws the ball and hits your bat without you swinging is that a foul ball?
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What is the three basic stances in hitting a softball?

The three known stance are OPEN, CLOSED, and SQUARE stance. They vary in the front foot or the one nearest the pitcher. The square stance is the one being taught because it is the stance where you can cover both inside and outside pitches.

Strike zones in softball?

It is between the batters forward armpit and the top of the knees when the batter assumes a natural batting stance.

How does the swinging gate not draw a False start penalty?

Because the lineman and players that shift are not in a set 3 point stance before they shift.

Why do baseball players use an open stance when batting?

To help them better see the ball from the pitcher

What adjectives start with o that have to do with softball?

offensive (as offensive ability) opposite ( as opposite field hit) out-field ( as out-field fly) open ( as open stance )

How big is strikezone in fastpitch softball?

The strike zone is the area over home plate from the top of the player's arm pits to their knees when the batter assumes a natural stance.

What company take accommodative stance?

name three companies that are denfensive stance,accommodating stance and proactive stance

What is objective stance?

what is a objective stance

Does a pitcher have to pause when on the mound when throwing to first base?

Yes. When there is one or more runners on base, it is mandatory for the pitcher to hold his arms to his side before entering his Setup Stance. When entering Setup Stance, he must hold the baseball with both hands and come to a complete stop before throwing to any base, including pitching. However, if the runner wanted to be stupid and decided to run before the pitcher completes his Setup, he can throw the ball.

What is a stance?

a stance is like having a answer to an opinion

Is the Straddle Stance an example of a stance in gymnastics?

Yes it is!!

How can the word stance be used in a sentence?

"What Kind Of STANCE is That?"

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