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Then the ball must be surrended to the opponent.

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Q: In netball what happens if the ball is held for more than 3 seconds?
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What happens in netball when someone holds the ball for more than 3 seconds?

The opposing team to the player that held the ball for more than three seconds gets the ball.

What is held ball in netball?

'Held ball' is an infringement which occurs when a player with the ball holds it for three seconds or more.

How long are you permitted to hold the ball in netball?

Three seconds, or it is called a held ball.

What is second violation in netball?

If you hold the ball for 3 seconds or more you will get held up for second violation or Held Ball

How many seconds can a netball player hold the ball for?

On average, you can only hold the ball upto 3(three) seconds. In primary school games, the ball can sometimes be held upto 5(five) seconds but it all depends on the umpire in primary school games.

What does the term held ball mean in netball?

It means holding the ball for longer then supposed too. Usually 3(three) or 5(five) seconds, depending on what the situation is and who is the umpire. Sometimes it is 5(five) seconds for primary school games, 3(three) seconds for normal games.

In netball how long can the goal shooter hold the ball for?

The Goal Shooter is allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds - as for all players with possession of the ball they must pass or shoot within or on 3 seconds - in this case is to shoot within or on 3 seconds. If it goes beyond this, The umpire will call "held Ball" and there is a free pass awarded to the opposing team.

Can there be a held ball on a throw in?

The player has 10 seconds to throw the ball in. After that it is a turnover

What is a free pass netball?

A free pass in netball is when the other team gets the ball because the team they got the ball from: go's offside, contacts, steps, the ball was last touched by this team when it went out, held ball or this team throws the ball more than one thirds length.

When and where was the last netball championship held?


What are some main components in netball?

As a netball player this question will be very exciting to answer. Obstruction-When you put your arms up or sideways or when you jump to defend you are closer than 90cm to the opposition. You will have to stand down. Contact-When you snatch the ball out of another players hand, bump them, push them or hit them etc. You will have to stand down. Held-When you have the ball in your hand for longer than 3 seconds Replay-When you bounce the ball mor Ethan to times-when you've snapped it up from the opposition's bounce pass Step-When you step with the ball

What are the five main rules of netball?

The fivee main rules of netball are, 1. You are not aloud to walk with the ball in your hands (Stepping) 2. You can not push or shove another player especially when they have the ball. (contact) 3. You are not allowed to put your arm in another players face or be within 3 feet when defendind (obstruction) 4. You can't hold the ball for more than 3 seconds (Held Ball) 5. At the centre pass it has to be passed in the centre third or it can't be thrown from one third to another. (over a third)

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