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You can't run in Netball otherwise it will be too easy for people/teams to get to the other end and shoot, and if that happens there is a bigger chance of a tie at the end which allows more time for the game ( its like another game but shorter ) and a tie once again will get the advantage against 1 winner and 1 loser.

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Q: Why cant you hold a ball for too long in netball?
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How long can you hold a ball for in volley ball?

You cant hold the ball at all. It is classified as a carry and is a point for the other team. I hope this helped! YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IT WHEN YOY ARE GOING TO SERVE AND YOU CN HOLD IT FOR ONLY 8 SEC.

In netball how long can the goal shooter hold the ball for?

The Goal Shooter is allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds - as for all players with possession of the ball they must pass or shoot within or on 3 seconds - in this case is to shoot within or on 3 seconds. If it goes beyond this, The umpire will call "held Ball" and there is a free pass awarded to the opposing team.

What sized ball is a a game of netball played with?

about a foot long and wide

Why do you need power in netball?

Netball players need power for when they're pasing the ball. If you don't have power and you throw the ball to someone it might not reach that person.

What is the size of a net ball court in meters?

a standard netball court is 30.5 meters long and 15.25 metres wide

How long must you hold the cricket ball to make a catch?

Long enough to demonstrate that you have control of the ball

Do you hold your breath in a ball pit?

No, as long as you stay calm then you don't have to hold your breath.

How long are netball posts?

the netball posts are 10ft high

Is Netball a competitive sport?

Netball is not seen as a real sport because it is based on another sport, its brother basketball. Netball originated from basketball not that long a time ago, which is another reason why people don't regard netball as a sport. However, that way of thinking may change very soon when netball becomes more popular. Also, netball is a sport played only by girls which restricts the popularity. If netball was played by boys than it may become part of the Olympics.

How long is the semi circle for shooting in netball?

Since I play netball i can answer this It is about 4 or 5 metres long

How long are you permitted to hold the ball in netball?

On average, you can only hold the ball upto 3(three) seconds. In primary school games, the ball can sometimes be held upto 5(five) seconds but it all depends on the umpire in primary school games.

How long is a netball field?

It is usually referred to as a netball court and is 30.5m long (100ft) by 15.25m (50ft).