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Q: In chess can a Queen move like the Knight?
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How does a queen move in chess?

The queen can move like every piece in chess except the knight.

Can the queen of chess move like the horse in chess?

No. Only the knight can move in that pattern.

Can a queen move like a knight in an average game of chess?


Can the queen move like a knight in chess?

No it cannot! A queen can move like a rook does, and also like the bishop.

Can the queen move like a horse?

The queen chess piece can move like any other piece, except the knight (horse).

How strong is a queen chess piece?

The Queen is second only to the King in strength and power for she , with the exception of the Knight , can move like every chess piece since she incorporates the power of every chess-men's move .

In chess can a queen move like a horse?

The queen has the combined moves of the rook and the bishop, i.e., the queen may move in any straight line, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.The queen cannot move like a knight.

How does the queen move in chess?

Vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Like any other piece except from the knight (horse).

Can the knight in chess move one space?

No , the Knight must move the spaces required by the rules of chess .

Can a pawn move backwards in chess?

Until a pawn is promoted to a queen, rook, bishop or knight, it cannot move backwards.

Can the queen move the same way as the knight in chess?

No, it either moves along files and ranks or in diagonals.

What is an elephant in a game of chess?

The Elephant is a piece used in Seirawan chess. It can move like a knight and a rook.

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