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Below is a related link to how the Chess pieces move .

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Rook - Castle

Knight - Horse

Bishop - Church

Queen - Variations

King - Variations (has a cross on the top)

Pawn - Sphere on base

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horses and medieval figures

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a knight in chess looks like a horse head

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Q: What do chess pieces look like and label them?
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The coins of chess board are called?

There are no coins in the game of chess, but the game with coins played on a chess board is called checkers. The pieces are also called checkers. For the actual game chess, the pieces are called pawns, king, queen, bishops, knights, and rooks. Pawns are the pieces that look like SORRY! (the game) pieces. the king is usually the piece with a cross on top. The queen wears a crown. The bishops are the pawn-like pieces with a longish head and a slit in the side of the head. The knights look like horses. The rook is the piece that looks like a castle.

How can you win at chess?

The objective of chess is to take the king to win the game(war).

What websites carry chess pieces for sale?

'Thechesspiece' offers a wide range of traditional and modern chess pieces, as does chesscentreal and chessbaron. Ebay is also worth a look, and Amazon also sells chess pieces (some which have free delivery!)

What Game is played on a black and white checkered board similar to a chess board with a board with 100 squares?

The game of Chess is played by two opponents with thirty-two chess pieces , sixteen pieces per opponent , upon a sixty-four square chess board . For the rules by which to play - look to the related link below .

What does a king in chess look like?

a cross on the top

In the game of Chess can the Knight move over opposition pieces when making a move?

Yes. The Knight can move over your pieces or your opponents pieces while making its move, as long as it lands on either an unoccupied square or a square controlled by your opponent's piece.

What does the rook look like on a chess board?

The one that looks like a tower in a castle. == ==

What does a bishop look like in chess?

Check the related links for a picture.

What was the significance of the game chess?

Chess was invented as a pass-time by Indian priests. It dates back to about 500 A.D. Chess was actually made to represent a battle. Rooks have the appearance of a tower, pawns look like soldiers, bishops look like the priests, knights look like horses and the king and queen look like royalty. And two opposing sides are fighting each other, trying to capture the king.

Where can someone buy a chess timer?

There are many places where one could purchase a timer for the game of chess. The best to look for chess timers would be electronics websites like Amazon.

What do the rooks from chess look like?

Rooks are also referred to and resemble "castles".

What does the chess board look like?

It has 64 squares. Half of them are black and half of them are white.