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The 7th inning.

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Q: In baseball when do the fans do the traditional stretch?
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What fraction of the baseball game is over when the fans take a traditional stretch?


How early do baseball players arrive at the stadium before a game?

About 4 hours so they can stretch and hit batting practice. They also have to sign autographs for fans.

What makes modern ceiling fans appear different from traditional ceiling fans?

Traditional ceiling fans often served as a lamp as well as a ceiling fan. Modern ceiling fans often focus on their function as a fan and are smaller in size.

Name a reason why baseball fans stand up during the game?

Homerun, national anthem, do the wave, catch a fly ball, to see better, 7th inning stretch

What was the most fans at a baseball game?

53,000 fans

What is the inning to stretch in baseball game?

7th known as the Seventh inning stretch

Why is there a 7th inning stretch in baseball?

Once upon a time, in the baseball years of lore, a president was attending a game (can't remember which), in the middle of the seventh inning, he, quite literally, stood to stretch. The other fans, upon seeing the president stand, rose out of respect (respecting a president!!!)...and it has stuck as tradition ever since.

Which baseball team has the best fans?

The Yankees have the best fans!

Which sport has more fans soccer or baseball?


What is the compound subject in the following sentence The game both entertained and excited the baseball fans?

game and baseball fans

What side of the field do home baseball fans sit?

There is no designated area where the home fans sit. They sit on all sides of the baseball field. There are usually many, many more home fans than visitor fans at a baseball game. The visitor fans also may sit anywhere in the stadium.

Who are the best fans in baseball?


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