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53,000 fans

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Q: What was the most fans at a baseball game?
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What is the compound subject in the following sentence The game both entertained and excited the baseball fans?

game and baseball fans

Why does it get hot after a baseball game?

because the fans leave

Which college football team has the most fans?

That is debatable. Michigan has had the most fans in a stadium in a game, and there are fans growing everyday.

What is the most innings in one Major League Baseball game?

The most inning in an mlb baseball game was 17 innings in 1956. It was the chicago white sox vs the new york yankees. Most of the fans had left the game and were allowed back in after a couple hours

What side of the field do home baseball fans sit?

There is no designated area where the home fans sit. They sit on all sides of the baseball field. There are usually many, many more home fans than visitor fans at a baseball game. The visitor fans also may sit anywhere in the stadium.

Who are the most engaged sports fans?

Baseball fans In Major League Baseball (MLB), each team plays a total number of 162 games in the regular season. With more games season ticket holders and die-hard fans will be able to engage in more games over the season. Unlike sports like football and basketball, baseball tickets are usually cheaper for a each game in respect to the kind of game (i.e. world series) or kind of seats. This doesn't mean that baseball fans are "better" than other fans in different sports, but fans are definitely more engaged.

Why were the baseball players hot after the game math worksheet?

All the fans left

What fraction of the baseball game is over when the fans take a traditional stretch?


What is the record for most fans at an NFL game?

This was set last night at the Dallas- NY Giants Sunday night game- 105,221 fans.

Where do the used baseball go after a Major League Baseball game?

They get given to fans or reused if not too badly damaged.

What has the author Mickey Cochrane written?

Mickey Cochrane has written: 'Baseball, the fans' game' -- subject(s): Baseball

What can fans do at a baseball game?

Fans at a baseball game can enjoy the game more by paying attention to the pitcher, hitter and catcher. The "battery" is where most of the game's activity takes place. It's also a good idea if a person is a real fan to keep a boxscore that comes along with the game's roster magazine. This puts the fan in the same position as a baseball writer. Each game's results are best represented in the same boxscore that is published in the following day's sports section.Extra fun at a game are hotdogs, peanuts and beer. All over priced.

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