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Hitting for the cycle refers to when one player aquires every type of hit in one game - that being a single, double, triple, and a home run.

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Q: In baseball what does hitting the cycle mean?
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What does it mean to hit for the cycle in baseball?

'Hitting for the cycle' means a player got a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

What are some notable events that can occur in a baseball game?

No Hitters Hitting for the cycle Breaking a record

What are the odds of hitting a home run cycle?

Hitting for the cycle and hitting a no-hitter are equally rare, sitting at 0.001139 51.73%

What does POS mean in baseball hitting stats?


What is the meaning of the words hitting?

Well it could mean many things. In baseball hitting is called connecting the ball with your bat. In football it means to tackle a player. Hitting could also mean a punch.

Is hitting a baseball an example of a pull?

'Pulling the ball' is a term used with hitting and is when a right handed batter hits a ball to the left side of the field or a left handed batter hits a ball to the right side of the field.

What does it mean when a baseball player points to the stands?

That he plans on hitting a home-run.

What does IBB mean in baseball hitting stats?

IBB in baseball terms means Intentional Base on Balls issued to a batter.

What does the word slugger mean?

In baseball slang, someone who is good at batting, especially in hitting home runs.

What is a good essay title for boy hitting a baseball into neighbors window?

Boy hitting a baseball into a neighbors window

In baseball a no hitter or hitting for the cycle which is more rare?

Actually, both occur at about the same rate. In MLB history, there have been 255 no hitters thrown and 277 batters to hit for the cycle. Click on the links below to see the pitchers that have thrown no hitters and the batters that have hit for the cycle.