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Yes, home plate is considered to be in fair territory.

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Q: In baseball if a batted ball hits homeplate and lands fair is it a fair ball?
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The umpire calls a ball batted behind homeplate a foul ball. The ball spins back onto homeplate without being touched. Is the ball fair or foul?

If the ball landed behind home plate, it is already a foul ball, even if it rolls back into fair territory. If the batter already has 2 strikes and then the ball is bunted foul, it's an out. The above answer is wrong. If a batted ball lands behind home plate but rolls forward and settles on the plate or in front of the plate, it is a fair ball.

What does batted ball mean in baseball?

A batted ball is a pitched ball that makes contact with the batter's bat, whether intentional or not. A batted ball can be fair or foul.

How far is it from homeplate to left field?

The distance from homeplate to left field is different in every ball park but it is normally between 280ft and 340ft.

Has the Wrigley Field score board ever been hit by fly ball?

Nope. Clemente almost did. The closest I have ever see was Sosa's Home Run that hit the Camera Booth in center field and that ball was at least 30 feet from the Scoreboard. Although no batted baseball has ever been hit from homeplate off of the center field scoreboard, it is not true that NO ball has ever accomplished that feat. Sam Snead, of professional golfing fame, accomplished it by driving a golfball off a tee at homeplate in 1951, which struck the scoreboard.

Can a foul ball be blown fair in baseball?

yes as long as it lands fair it is a fair ball

Does it count in baseball if the ball bounces and lands in the strike zone it still counts?

It would be a ball

Is a Fly ball that pases third base in foul territory but curves and lands in fair territory in the outfield fair or foul?

As long as a batted ball doesn't touch anything in foul territory and lands in the outfield it is a fair ball.

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

Does the baseball go faster towards homeplate or when it is hit back into the field of play?

here is an example of mass and velocity. The mass of the ball does not change, thrown by a pitcher, the ball can never go the distance that a well hit ball can, to, it has to be the upsurge in speed by being hit.

How do you use the word batted in sentence?

The baseball player batted the ball

A batter bunts the ball fair but the ball has backspin and stops on top of homeplate is this fall or fair?

Home plate is in fair territory, therefore the ball would be a fair ball.

Why is there plexiglass behind homeplate?

so the ball has something to stop it from going another 100 feet

A line drive at the pitchers mound ball hits the mound and deflects back behind home plate and lands out of play Whats the call?

A batted ball that hits the pitcher's mound (or any base) is considered a fair ball. A fair ball that lands out of play is considered a ground rule double.

What does BBCOR in baseball bats stand for?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution

What is a batted ball tapped slowly within the infield in baseball?


What does catching a batted ball mean in baseball?

Type your answer here... dont know

How many times has the scoreboard at Wrigley Field been hit with a batted ball?

Never been hit by a batted baseball.

If a batted ball hits fair and bounces over the foul line between home plate and 1st base and the 1st baseman catches the ball in foul territory before it hits the ground is it fair or foul?

If a batted ball lands in fair territory but then crosses the foul line BEFORE passing or touching first or third base, then it is a FOUL ball. If a batted ball lands in fair territory between first and third base, bounces in the air, and crosses into foul territory before passing first or third base, it is a foul ball, even if caught on the bounce in foul territory by the first or third baseman.

Is a ball considered fair or foul if it hits homeplate first?

Alot of people ask this question but the answer is, the ball is foul. Also if the ball hits the batters box or the batter touches the ball to his body inside the batters box then it is foul.

In volley ball is it good if the ball lands on the line?

if the ball lands on the line it is considered in and it depends on the situation your in to determine it good or bad

What does runs batted in mean in baseball?

It means when someone hits the ball and someone scores

What do you do when your ball ball lands in a tree and you find it?

If my "ball ball" lands in a tree and i find it, i play with it again. I mean, i already found it.

Which travels faster-a baseball that is thrown or a baseball that is hit with a bat?

There are a multitude of variable that need to be taken insto consideration. For each, How much force is being put into the swing or throw?? For The batted ball, it depends of the angle of which it strikes the bat. For the thrown, If there is the same force exerted on the ball as the batted ball, it will have half of the velocity. But, all variables considered, a typical batted ball travels with more force and velocity (Speed) than one thrown.

Is a double batted ball a fair ball if batted?

No, it is a dead ball and the batter is out.

If a batted ball hits fair and bounces over first or third base and then lands in foul territory is it fair or foul?

In general, if the ball goes over the 1st or 3rd base bag, it is always a fair ball. Unless it goes into the stands, in that case, the ball is always foul.