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It would be a ball

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Q: Does it count in baseball if the ball bounces and lands in the strike zone it still counts?
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Does a dropped third strike count as an at bat?

yes, it counts as a strikeout for both pitcher and batter

Does a foul ball count as a ball if the batter already has 2 strikes?

A foul ball never counts as a ball. In Major League Baseball, a foul ball only counts as the third strike if it's a foul tip that was caught by the catcher.

If an MLB pitcher throws the ball and it bounces at the batter's feet and he still swings and hit a home run does it count?

Yes, it does, unless it bounces off of his feet. If it is off of his feet, he will take first base. If the ball is near is feet, then it counts.

What the plural form of count?

The plural of count is counts. For example: "He was found guilty on all counts"

A foul ball is considered a?

A foul ball in a two strike count is nothing it count as a strike for the pitcher count but the count will stay the same and no out. In the case of a one strike count or a zero strike count, the fould ball is counted as a strike and the count will be a 1 strike difference. EX: 0 strikes turn into 1 strike 1 strike turn into 2 strikes 2 strikes stay at 2 strikes

How many two ball no strike counts has Mariano Rivera had in his career?

4,541. And 2,104 with a 3-0 count. Unofficially he has 249 broken bats.

What were the lowest pitch counts in a complete game in baseball history?

I dont know who it was, but the pitch count was 58.

How many fouls in pro baseball count as an out?

If there are two strikes, a foul ball no longer counts as a strike. In theory, a player could foul off balls forever and never be out. The unverified record is 22, but since the statistic is not kept, it is not confirmed.

What is the counts name on sesame street?

Count von Count .

In baseball does a sacrifice count as an at bat?

According to MLB rule 10.01.a.1 only a sacrifice bunt or fly out does not count as an at-bat. A ground out counts a an at-bat

Does a strike out count as an at bat?

Yes it does count

If a field goal is short and bounces off the ground and over the goal does it count?

Yes, it counts. This exact thing happened in the '80's during a game between U of Arkansas and U of Miami.

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