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Home plate is in fair territory, therefore the ball would be a fair ball.

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Q: A batter bunts the ball fair but the ball has backspin and stops on top of homeplate is this fall or fair?
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When you bunt is there a line that you have to pass with the ball?

No. Even if the batter bunts the ball and it stops dead on home plate, it's a fair ball and he can run. He'll be out by a mile, but it's a fair ball. The trick is to bunt the ball just far enough where none of the fielders can get to it in time to throw out any runners.

What is a backspin in golf?

A backspin in golf refers to placing spin on a golf ball so that when it lands (typically on the green, based on the nature of this shot) it does not continue to roll forwards but instead either stops or actually moves backwards. This is obviously done because the golfer does not want the ball to roll off the back of the green but instead "sit down" on the putting surface. You can achieve backspin on a golf ball typically by placing the ball backwards in the stance so that the club head strikes the ball on a downward path, forcing the ball to roll up the clubface and thereby spinning it backwards. This 'backspin' will continue as the ball moves through the air and come into play when it lands. The higher the loft of the club the easier it is to create backspin.

What is the meaning of a double in baseball?

The batter hits a ball where ever, and he passes 1st and then stops at second

What does the umpire call if a player stops a ball with his hat?

All base runners advance 3 bases and the batter is not out.

Is it considered a swing if the bat crosses the plate even if the batter successfully stops his swing?

Yes, either you swing or you don't, there is no middle ground.

Can a balk be called if a pitcher stops his throw due to a batter awarded time out?

A balk can only be called when the ball is live. If a batter has been awarded time out, then play has stopped, and a balk is impossible. It's safer for the pitcher to complete the pitch, just in case the batter isn't awarded time out.

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