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No, only if he completes the game does he get credit for a complete game. He also gets credit for a shutout only if he completes the game without allowing a run, if other pitchers complete the game without allowing any runs, it is a shared shutout which is not an official statistic.

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Q: In a MLB baseball game if a pitcher pitches 9.0 innings and it the score is 0-0 going into extra innings does he get a complete game and shutout?
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Is there a maximum number of innings a baseball pitcher can pitch?

No, but the manager usually pulls a starting pitcher when they have thrown about 100 pitches.

What is a complete game in baseball?

When a starting pitcher pitches a game from start to finish he is credited a complete game.

What MLB Pitchers struck out in 3 pitches?

I believe that almost every pitcher who has pitched for more than 30 innings has struck out someone in three pitches. It isn't very hard for a pitcher to strike someone out in three pitches, especially if they have pitched for 30 innings.

What constitutes a complete game in baseball?

When a pitcher pitches every pitch for his team in an official game.

What is era for a pitcher in baseball and how is it calculated?

Earned Run Average per 9 innings It shows for every nine innings a pitcher pitches how many runs he has averaged to gived up. This does not include unearned runs (ie runs given up because of errors). Caluclation (Earned Runs/number of innings pitched)*9 innings

If a pitcher pitches 4 and two thirds innings and his team is leading 6 to 0 when he leaves and that's the final score does he get the win?

No, a pitcher needs to pitch 5 complete innings to be a pitcher of record on the winning side. The pitcher who was on the mound when the final out of the 5th inning was recorded would be credited with the Win -- even if he only recorded 1/3 inning

How much time between innings in major league baseball?

Up to umpire but usually 7-10 pitches from the pitcher, or 3 minutes. But could be forever due to rain.

What is the smallest number of pitches that a pitcher can pitch and still come away with a complete game?

27 pitches. If a pitcher can get every batter out with one pitch then the total amount of pitches for the game for that pitcher will be 27.

How is basedball IP calculated?

For each full inning pitched, calculate 1 into the IP. If a pitcher only pitches part of an inning, find the number of outs and calculate it into a decimal. For example, let's say a pitcher pitched 5 innings and left the game with two outs. His IP would be 5.2. The reliever for him pitches 2 innings and leaves the game with no outs. Since he came in with two outs and continued two more innings, he would have 2.1 IP. The closing pitches pitches the rest of the game, or 2 innings. He would have 2 IP.

Has any pitcher throw the minimum pitches in baseball history?

No pitcher in baseball history has ever thrown the minimum of 27 pitches in a 9 inning game.

How many innings can a pitcher pitch in a week?

It depends. In many youth leagues it is based on pitches. When you get into upper youth leagues they then begin to base it on innings. As you get into adult leagues there often is no limit.

What is the average pitches thrown by one pitcher in 9 innings?

a picher will throw roughly 120 piches in a 9 inning outing.

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