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27 pitches. If a pitcher can get every batter out with one pitch then the total amount of pitches for the game for that pitcher will be 27.

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Q: What is the smallest number of pitches that a pitcher can pitch and still come away with a complete game?
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Is there a limit to the number of pitches one pitcher can throw in a major league game?


What is the least number of pitches by a single pitcher in a complete game?

In 1944, Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw only FIFTY-EIGHT pitches during a nine inning complete game. Barrett's Braves shutout the Reds 2 - 0 and the game set major league records for least number of pitches known to have been thrown by a single pitcher in a complete game and shortest game played at night.

What is the lowest pitch count in a baseball game?

The lowest count was by Red Barrett of the Boston Braves, who threw 58 pitches in a complete game against the Reds, back in 1944.

What is the least number of pitches a pitcher in a baseball game can throw to get the loss?

1. if u come into the game and throw 1 pitch and its a home run then you can get the loss

What is NP in pitchers box score inbaseball?

Number of Pitches, I believe.

What are the fewest number of pitches before removed from game?

several times a starting pitcher has been removed after throwing only one pitch (usually due to injury).

What is the maximum number of pitches a batter can face in a single complete at-bat excluding foul balls?

A batter can have a full count of 2 and 3 and then get walked with ball nuber 4, so 6 pitches. However, consider the circumstance of a pitcher facing a batter with two outs and a runner on base. If the pitcher picks off a runner with the count full, the inning ends, and the same batter is up in the next inning with an empty count. Statistically, it is the same at bat, so the maximum number of pitches is in fact 11. 2 strikes and 3 balls in one inning, and either 3 strikes and 3 balls or 2 strikes and 4 balls to lead off the next inning.

What is the MOST number of pitches a pitcher can throw to a batter?

Until he doesn't feel like throwing any more.... Or until he walks or strikes him out, or he hits the ball into fair play.

How is basedball IP calculated?

For each full inning pitched, calculate 1 into the IP. If a pitcher only pitches part of an inning, find the number of outs and calculate it into a decimal. For example, let's say a pitcher pitched 5 innings and left the game with two outs. His IP would be 5.2. The reliever for him pitches 2 innings and leaves the game with no outs. Since he came in with two outs and continued two more innings, he would have 2.1 IP. The closing pitches pitches the rest of the game, or 2 innings. He would have 2 IP.

How many innings does a starting pitcher have to pitch to get a win in the MLB?

There is no way to tell the exact average, but there is usually 1 starter for each team, a relief pitcher, and the closer. So about 6 total. -----The number of pitches would depend on many factors, but usually there is a minimum of at least 200 pitches in a game. High scoring games or those with a lot of walks could approach or even pass 300 pitches.

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