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Assuming it's an MLB game that's shortened to 6 innings, the winner would have to be the second pitcher because, by default, the starter cannot be credited with a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings.

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Q: Who gets the win if both pitchers pitch 3 innings in a 6 inning game?
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How many innings are in a spring training baseball game?

Nine, but innings can be adjusted according to how many pitches the pitchers are supposed to be getting in. They don't play more than one extra inning, and sometimes they just call it a tie after the ninth, if both teams are out of pitchers.

Are there any limits on how many innings a pitcher can pitch?

Are there any limits on how many innings a pitcher can pitch, in one game? Not in any official rules. In a MLB game on 1920 May 5, both pitchers threw for 26 innings. The game was called due to darkness with the score still 1 to 1.

Have 2 pitchers thrown a perfect game in the same game?

No. There was one game, in 1917, where both pitchers had allowed neither a hit nor a run through nine complete innings. However, the fact that one of them gave up a hit (and lost the game!) in the tenth inning means he was not credited with an official no-hitter.

What is the least number of pitches that can be thrown in a COMPLETE nine inning major league baseball game?

Well in a full 9 Inning Game each time makes 27 outs. (3 outs for 9 innings). Thus combined the teams make 54 outs. So if every player swung and hit very first pitch and every pitch was an out that would be 54 pitches combined with both teams pitchers. However that would end in a 0-0 tie so it would go into extra innings so it wouldn't be a complete game. Thus if you say ONE player hit a first pitch and hit a home run on a first pitch to give his team a 1-0 lead and thus a complete nine inning game then it would be 55 pitches. However that would mean that both pitchers would have to be PERFECT and COMPLETELY ACCURATE. and the Hitters would have to swing and HIT every FIRST pitch so its almost completely impossible.

Was there ever a 6 pitch inning where each pitch thrown was hit and out with no extra fouls or strikes?

It would be impossible. If every pitch thrown in one inning was hit and out, there could only be 3 pitches. And yes, there have been MANY of these. Actually, I think the original contributor wanted to know if 3-pitch innings had ever been recorded by both teams in the same inning - thereby leading to a total of 6 pitches for the entire inning. As far as I can tell, there is no record of such a feat in the major leagues, although the following link does provide more information regarding recorded 3-pitch innings:

What is the furthest that two opposing pitchers have taken a no-hitter into the same game?

On May 2,1917, Cubs Hippo Vaughn and Reds Fred Toney both had no-hitters after nine innings. Vaughn lost his in the 10th, but Toney completed the 10-inning no-hitter for the win.

What team played the most innings in one day in the major leagues?

The Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn Dodgers played a 26 inning game on May 1st of 1920 that ended in a 1-1 tie and was called due to darkness (first MLB night game wasn't played until 1935). Both starting pitchers completed all 26 innings.

How many pitch in a 9 inning game?

In a normal MLB game it is not uncommon to see 3 to 4 pitchers used in a 9 inning game. Many pitchers are capable of pitching a full 9 innings and many have. The general rotation usually allows a team to have a starter who pitches 5 - 7 innings, a reliever who takes over for when the starter is tired, and a closer who generally is called upon when the team is winning to stop the opposing team from scoring any runs in the final 1 or 2 innings. If you are asking how many pitches are thrown in a single game there are far too many variables that influence the outcome of that statistic. The average I believe falls around the 100 - 150 mark per game per team. So anywhere between 200 and 300 pitches for both teams in an entire game.

Why do left-handed pitchers pitch to left-handed batters in baseball?

They don't only pitch to left-handed batters; they pitch to both right and left-handed batters, the same way a right-handed pitcher pitches to both.

In cricket what is a pair?

A pair is scoring zero in both innings of a two innings game.

Must a pitcher have both feet on the pitchers plate?

No, the pitcher only needs 1 foot in contact with the pitching rubber to start his pitch

How many innings was the longest baseball game in little league history?

I'm pretty sure it was a 26-inning game. Both pitchers threw the entire game. However, since it was in a time in which there were no night games, the game was called a tie by the home plate umpire because no-one could see the ball very well.

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