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there is both a backstop and a catcher

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Q: In Softball is there a backstop as well as a catcher or just a catcher?
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What is the US Softball team trying to do to get softball back in the Olympics?

Well Softball is back in the Olympics in 2020...does that answer your question?

What is the best fast pitch softball glove?

I have a Mizuno glove. It is in Jennie Finch's line of softball gear. I LOVE MY GLOVE! Lol. mizuno really is the best quality in all softball gear. I have mizuno cleats as well that have lasted for a few years now. There is a great website that reviews the Top Fastpitch Softball Gloves, Catcher's Mitts and First Baseman Mitts. It provides Top Rankings of Best Fielding Gloves, Best Catcher's Mitts and Best First Baseman Mitts. It also has reviews from Players, Coaches and Parents. Also, discusses the selection and care of Fastpitch Softball Gloves:

How many innings are there in softball?

There are 7 innings in softball there can be tie breakers, but there are run rules as well.

What is a good fastpitch softball catchers gear brand?

My catcher gear last year was Under Armour. Under Armour is the best catcher gear money can buy. All the other brands doesn't protect the chest as well. The Under Armour chest piece is broader on the shoulders and has more padding. I suggest the Under Armour catcher gear.

What size softball is used for ASA or USA mens fastpitch softball?

Well, Probably a 12" ball.

What are close skills in softball?

i suggest try out for positions that fit you best like for example if you are well balanced and can catch well try out for catcher or pitcher if you can feild a ball well and can catch try out for 1st 2nd or 3rdshort stop is where you stand between 2nd and 3rd and you stop the ball before it goes into the outfield so you have to be a good feilder to play that position and outfeilders are just as well as infielders because you have to be able to catch popflies and stop the ball before it goes to the fence and the runner gets home so that is what i suggest for softball players

Can you use a softball glove for baseball?

you can but it doesn't work very well. A softball is substantially bigger than a baseball

How can you make the softball team if you only played one year?

well they should just let u in if u ask i think

What are the facilities and equipment used in softball?

A helmet, bat, glove, batting gloves, and if you need one, catchers equipmentFor softball, when playing in a community league, it only requires you to have your own mitt for catching.A: All of the equipment required for softball is, well, a ball, a bat, a mitt, a batting helmet, and if you are a catcher, you need the shin guards, chest guard, and face mask. You also need cleats, a team jersey, long socks, sliding shorts, and softball pants.Not required equipment (totally optional, but recommended) are the batting gloves.A: Equipment required in softball includes a ball, a bat, gloves, uniforms and protective gear, including helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards, and chest protector for the defensive catcher.

What does softball do with softball?

Well I play softball and the name softball I say is to make the boys jelous because they have to use the really small balls and we have the larger ones but the hardness of them are the same but hte wieght is a different story.

What are the positions on a softball team?

Well, there are usually 9 people on the field at one time.there is a pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, right feild, center field, and left field.

Is there a major league softball?

There is professional softball. They play in the United States as well as other countries such as Japan. any player can play for any team, even if they are not from the area. In this aspect, it is just like major league baseball.

How has softball changed since it has been invented?

well i have no idea

What is an assist in softball?

If you mean assistant coach than well you get it.

What does an uglifruit look like?

well they are green and lumpy on the outside and about the size of a softball. But on the inside they are white and they peel just like a clementine(sp?).

Where does number 6 play in softball?

Well if your team number (the one on the back of your jersey) that usually has nothing to do with which position you play. If you are referring to keeping the 'book' and pitcher is 1 catcher is 2 and such, 6 would be 3rd base I believe.

Why do they call a softball a softball?

Well actually another name for baseball is hardball which are played by males. Softball is a name for what girls play. The name of the sport was actually named by the ball. Softball, a ball that is soft. They kept the sport simple.

What Are Some Softball Drills For 10 Year olds?

Well, it depends what she needs. you could stand with your right foot forward and just flick with her wrist to the catcher. For hips, turn sideways, bring your arm up to a 90 degree angle, and swing your arm and hips forward. For both, stand on the rubber like you were to pitch, and just don't do the arm circle. Hope this is what you were asking for! :)

How many rules are in softball?

Well its girls so nobody cares

What is the name for when you tap the ball in softball?

Well that is certainely called a bunt

What does bb stand for in softball stats?

well it means BumbleBee of course

How many people play softball worldwide?

well there is about 15 million organized softball teams in America alone .. I have no clue about worldwide unfortunately ..

What is a good co-ed softball name?

Well in the realm of coed softball Bob's Turtle Barn and Supply rocks the Boston League.

What does a softball catcher say before a inning?

Well, I'm a catcher, and I normally remind everybody that there are no outs and the play is at first, and might mention that we should try for a quick inning. Other than that the only other thing I can think of would be if I knew a slap hitter or a power hitter was coming up to bat, I would let the defense know.

Why would you slide into base in a softball game?

well if a player has the ball and is about to tag you you can slide under the ball. if its a play at home and the catcher has the ball, you slide in and knock the catcher down the ball pops out of the glove you are safe, sliding can also prevent injuries. well you slide in at home! if it is close and you are not sure if you are going to get out you should slide in! make sure that you have a sliding pad! :)if not you will get bloody knees:( and if there is a play at home and you dont slide you will be out!:(