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The catcher, and behind the catcher is the Umpire.

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The back stop.

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Hits the ball.

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Q: Who stands behind the batter in rounders?
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Where do umpires in rounders stand?

There are two officials in a game of rounders and one stands on the batting line to check for low/high balls and the other one stands just behind 2nd post to check for wide balls.

What are the positions in rounders?

bowler, batter, fielders, backstop

What is the backward area in rounders?

A backward hit in rounders is when the batter hits the ball backwards and it goes behind the batting section. The batter can take the first post when this happens but can not go further until the ball is back in play.

What happens in rounders when a batter hits the ball behind them?

I'm not sure if you mean "baseball" when you say "rounders," but if you are, nothing happens if the batter drops the bat in baseball.

How many ball does the remaining batter in a rounders match have to choose from?


What happens if a batter hits the ball backwards in rounders?

It doesn't matter if you do

How does a rounders game start?

it starts with 15 players on a pitch one peron is in the bowlers square and one in the batters, 4 fielders must be on the bases,and one behind the batter called a back stop, then the bowler throws the ball and the batter hits it

Can a fielder not on a base stump a batter out in rounders?

no, a fielder which is not placed on a base cannot stump the batter out, only a fielder on a base can.

What are some alternate names of baseball?

There all a few of baseballs alternate names. These are a few names. Rounders, Batter Batter, Base play.

Can a batter return to post in rounders?

no it cant you must toct the 4 post and run off that it

What are the qualifications of a rounders umpire?

There are 2 umpires, the batters umpire and the bowlers umpire. Batters umpire: Calls no balls Stands where they can see batter and first post Calls 'out' if the batter is out Watches for catches Calls a rounder when batter touches fourth post Calls half rounders Calls backwards hit Watches front line of bowlers box for fouls Watches bowlers wrist movement Watches front and back lines of batters box for fouls Calls obstruction. Bowlers umpire Calls play to begin the game Calls 'no balls' Make final decisions The umpires will swap positions on the pitch in the intrest of fairness to the game

What is a donkey drop in rounders?

A donkey drop in rounders is when the bowler bowls the ball high in the air, the ball then drops just as it gets to the batter. This encourages the batter to hit the ball up meaning the fielding team are more likely to get a catch. Hope this helps