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I'm guessing between 95 & 105 miles per hour

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Q: If you throw football 70 yards how fast can you throw baseball?
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How fast can Carson Palmer throw a football?

75 yards i looked it up in traing camp

How fast do you need to throw a baseball for it to go 100 yards?

90-100 mph

How fast can Michael Vick throw a football?

Vince Young with his unorthodox side arm delivery can yield an NFL football 70 yards

How fast can a football player throw?


How fast a football player throw a football?

John Elway was clocked at 61 mph.

How does a football affects the speed when you throw it?

it goes really fast

How far can you throw a baseball and football?

I think I can throw a football preety high. The weight of the football helps the ball travel at a high speed so when I let go of theball it takes off fast. As it gets higher and gravity starts to pull it down, the weight will act against it and slow the ascent. Once it reaches it's peak, the weight of the football will make it fall to the ground faster.

How fast does Brett Favre throw the football and what is his fastest speed?

He can throw maybe 90-85 yardshe's done a 99 yards , according to guiness world records anyway.99 yards was his official longest ball, but that wasn't all in the air. I have seen him throw it 75 yards though... hope that 70-75 yards before 75-80 yardsFrom the link mentioned directly below, we know its at least 76 yards. I have also read about throws of 78 yards and even 87 yards.See Related LinksSee the Related Link for "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Search for Favre)" to the right for the answer.

What is the fastest football?

There is no such thing as the fastest football. Footballs can't be fast. It depends how strong the quarter back is because if the quarter back is really strong he can throw it really fast and far. So theres your answer.

How many spirals should a football make in a 10 yard pass?

It all depends on how fast that you throw the ball.

How hard can Tom Brady throw?

Answer55-60 yards in a game he said but he thinks that if he really tried he could throw at least 70thew it 66 in a game

How fast does the average freshman division one pitcher throw a baseball?

73 mph