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No. it will keep up perfectly. you probably wont be able to out-shoot a 15 bps hopper on semi.

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Q: If you have a paintball gun that is semi auto only and you have a 15 bps hopper for the gun and i shoot like 3 or 4 balls will it jam it up?
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How do you defeat Grand Theft Auto?

you have chicken and shoot them in their balls

Can an alpha black paintball gun shoot semi-auto?

Without an e trigger or responce trigger it will only shoot semi automatically.

What is full auto in paintball?

When you pull down the trigger once and it shoots the maximum balls per second

Is the autococker trilogy a good paintball gun and is it an automatic all the time or can you change it to semi auto?

hello this is a good midrange gun and yes it will shoot semi auto but if you live in the UK then it will only shoot semi auto if it is also bought in the UK it will only shoot semi auto too because that is the law as in other countries it is legal for it to shoot full auto.

Is there a fully auto paintball without egrip?

yep, the a5 and x7 and 98 tippmann response trigger, it runs off air and can shoot full auto.

Can you use electronic hoppers on semi auto paintball guns?

Absolutely. A Semi-auto marker will still benefit from an electronic hopper, just not as much as an automatic one. However, it is possible to outshoot your hopper, so an electric may be a good buy if you have speedy fingers. They also have the added bonus of not jamming.

Can you fire a smart parts ion with a normal hopper?

Yes, but it will not keep up with the full auto, but since it has eyes, that's ok. You will only be able to shoot as fast as the hopper feeds, not how fast the gun shoots.

Does the RAP4 T68 AK47 Paintball Gun have different firing modes?

yes, with the e-trigger you will able to shoot: semi, burst and full auto

What is nxl mode on a paintball gun?

NPPL mode is the paintball electric board setting which is allowed in NPPL tournaments. It is semi automatic (non ramping or full auto) which is capped (restricted) to 15 balls per second. This means that even if you are pulling the trigger 20 times a second, only 15 balls will shoot.

What is paintball Grand Theft Auto?

a mod were they replace the weapons with paintball guns

What is the purpose of an electric hopper on a paintball gun?

e-hoppers load paint into the marker a lot faster than gravity will allow it to fall down the feedneck, with a standard gravity hopper (also known as a shake and bake) your rate of fire is limited to around 4-5 bps, currently any marker produced that is semi auto can shoot faster than this so in order to help eliminate chops and be able to fire faster you will need a e-hopper, currently the Invert Too or VL eye force are great hoppers at a budget price that will keep up with whatever you put them on top of

What does egrip mean for paintball markers?

The E-grip is a Tippman specific accessory. It means that the can shoot electronically. Some E-Grips provide full-auto or burst modes as well as semi-automatic.