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No it will make you're ball go farther down the lane before it breaks towards the pins.

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Q: If the lane in a bowling alley is well oiled will that help your ball hook?
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How is the bowling alley lane made so slippery?

Lane conditioner, which is an oil based product, is applied to the front portion of the lane to help protect the lane from the friction of the bowling ball and to create a pattern to create a challenge in bowling.

What is the meaning of bowl a bouncer to?

Bowling alley bumpers are used to help young children get the ball too the pins. Most alleys have them and will install them when asked.

Can you Help me opening a bowling alley in Philippines?

No That Is Just Stupid

What are the marks in a bowling alley?

The arrows and dots are used to help target your approach and throw.

How to find proper bowling equipment to improve your game?

Bowling is a fun game. It was at the height of its popularity many years ago. In some areas of the country it is still as popular as ever. There are some high schools that have bowling as a class. Once a week the class goes to the local bowling alley, what great fun that must be!In order to be a good bowler, you need great hand-to-eye coordination. Good eye sight helps too! You also need bowling equipment that fits you properly. There are basic items that you need to have in order to bowl. Then there are specialty bowling equipment items that will help you become a better bowler.Since you cannot bowl in your street shoes, you need to have a good pair of bowling shoes. You can rent them at the bowling alley, or you can buy your own. If you are a serious bowler, you should buy your own shoes. Most people feel more comfortable wearing their own bowling shoes.Of course you need a proper fitting bowling ball. Again, you can use one of the bowling balls available at the alley, or you can buy one, which is far better for your game. The sales people at the pro shop will help you determine what weight bowling ball you need. They will help fit the ball to you and determine where the three holes need to be drilled.Now that you have the shoes and the ball, you need something to carry them in. A bowling ball bag is a specialty bag that holds the bowling ball and your bowling shoes. There is also room in the bag for a small rag and a hand towel. You need the rag to wipe off the bowling ball periodically during the games. You need the hand towel to wipe your hand, especially if they get damp.Other bowling equipment that may help you improve your game would be a glove. You only need on, one the hand you use to throw the ball. The glove is meant to help you keep your thumb in the up position as you prepare to release the ball.Use the right bowling equipment and enjoy the game

What does AMF stand for?

If you're seeing it on a bowling alley (or a piece of equipment at a bowling alley), it stands for "American Machine & Foundry". If you saw it somewhere else, it may mean something else, but you'd need to provide more context for us to help you.

What does a runner do at a bowling alley?

In modern times the runner is referred to as lane attendant/porter. Their responsibilities include retrieving deadwood, dead balls, and reporting malfuctions to the mechanic. Usually in a bowling alley the attendant is also part janitor. They clean the spills, pick up after leagues, take out the trash, help with scoring monitors etc.In traditional times, the runner was the person (usually younger boy) who setup the pins on the pin deck and would carry the ball back to the bowl (before automatic ball returns).

How does wrist strengtheners wrist supports and gloves help you play bowling?

While one might not think of it, the wrist plays a very important role in how comfortable the grip of the bowling ball feels. When you grip anything the muscles in the wrist work to help. After bowling two or three games in a league or open bowling, and placing your fingers in the bowling ball and gripping it 30-50 times, the wrist can become tired and fatigued. A strong wrist and/or supports/gloves can help the wrist withstand the wear and tear gripping a bowling ball does to it, along with making the bowler feel more comfortable while bowling. Click on the 'Bowling Wrist Support' link below to read an article about supports and see links to other articles concerning bowling.

I just got my ball drilled and i was wandering if it is normal for a bowling balls thumb to be off center from the two fingerholes please help?

Yes it is. If you pretend you have your fingers in an imaginary bowling ball, you will see that your thumb naturally is off-centre to the fingers

Joints involved in bowling a cricket ball?

joints used e in the body, and cannabis can help you bowl faster

Can you help with a bowling poem?

I pick up the ball, Its sleek and smooth,I drop the ball in the lane,It bounces from bumper to bumper andYes, Strike

How do you increase your bowling speed?

Bowling speed can be increased via a few different methods. Moving to a lower weight ball can help generate speed. Another method is to change from a four step delivery to a five step delivery. Bringing the ball higher back in the delivery arch can also help promote additional speed.

What are bowling ball inserts for?

In tenpin bowling, the inserts uses vary for different bowling. Some like the feel or the way they look. Some have inserts to aid them in a better grip. The most common reason however, is to help with release and rotation. This is especially true of the finger grips which will the bowler to "flip" the ball during release adding a litle extra rotation than might otherwise be possible.

Can you give me some tips to bowl faster?

put your fingers in the bowling ball normally then when your going to bowl the ball dont do a big swing with your arms you should flick the ball and you'll find it works. Thank you God for help me!

How do you know which bowling ball is right for you?

You can tell if the Bowling ball is right for you by first checking the weight. each person has a different weight they can handle without injuring themselves so first find a bowling ball that is light enough for you to carry and throw down the lane, and does not strain the arm. Also checking the hole on the ball to see if its easy to slide off your fingers. having to small of a hole can cause the ball to stick as your fingers gets bigger as your body heats up. so it is wise to find a ball that you can grip and can slide off easily, weight will also help so you can play longer without getting tired

How does inertia help an object move?

Inertia deals with an objects reluctance to change its velocity. So if its not moving, you will have to exert a large force to get it to move. But once it is in motion, its inertia helps it move by lowering the breaking effect of resistance. If you throw a bowling ball through a grass field, it will go father than a beach ball thrown in a similar manner, because the bowling ball has more inertia!!

Can a 14 year old work at a bowling alley?

First Reponse:No.Second Response:Though you cannot work in the traditional sense, many bowling alleys do hire 14 year olds to work as birthday party hostesses to help the parents keep track of the children.

Why dont bowling alleys have windows?

It honestly depends where you go to bowl. I know some bowling alleys that do have windows and others that don't. You might not find a window directly next to a lane for obvious reasons, it would get expensive having to replace windows all the time if a ball hits them. Also lots of bowling alleys offer cosmic bowling with black lights and disco balls. If it was a bright day outside then there would be too much lighting for cosmic bowling. If you have any other bowling questions please let me know. I will be happy to help!

Im trying to find a Pickguard like the one on Kurt Cobain's 1965 fender jaguar and i think the material is called mother of bowling ball but i cant find it anywhere please help?

Red Pearloid

What does the phrase well oiled machine mean?

It means that something is running very smoothly. When people work well together they are usually called a "Well oiled machine". Everybody knows what to do when to do it and it gets done without any help or assistance.

What is the relationship between virtual bowling and real bowling?

Bowling games on the computer dont help you at all in real life, but if your playing on the Wii it can help you to improve.Last statement is up to debate so I wont delete it.When you bowl in real life, there are a lot more factors that are taken into consideration such as the surface friction of the bowling ball, the weight, the cover stock, the friction on the lane or oil pattern, your ball speed, your desired path vs the one you ACTUALLY hit, and most importantly pin carry. Virtual bowling will probably never reach a level of being realistic for the sheer fact that the angle that your ball hits the pocket, with a specific amount of kinetic energy, affects the way the pins fall, and ultimately determines which ones are still standing. Another key difference is that the physical approach is completely different from person to person and is a huge factor in how well you score.Its actually very hard to understand all this unless you have a coach and/or you dedicate your life to it or you are a physicist that studies bowling.Feel free to google all those terms.

Jobs for 13 gong on 14 year olds?

In fact, there are lots of jobs you can do . For example, Paperboy,Walk dogs,Lifeguard,Sell Ice Cream ,Tutoring ,Babysitter , Pet sitter and so on. Look around your local corner shops, farmshops, charity shops to see if they have any availibilities. I work at a local bowling alley, they have a room for parents to drop off their children while they bowl on leagues. The bowling alley pays me because this way they get more people to sign up for leagues. Sometimes parents will also tip. If you need more infomation, you can contact with me , I'd like to help you! Good luck!

What are the advantages of playing bowling?

bowling is a game and can also called as exercise. so the advantages of playing bowling are -to release tension -help us to become more patient only that in my mind hope can help

Does a wrist guard help to release the thumb easier from a bowling ball?

no it doesnt. a wrist guard prevents a bowler from breaking their wrist. breaking your wrist means you arent keeping the joint flat and level and it can lead to tendonitis

How do you start learning bowling?

Its really easy actually you can take classes or just have oyur friends help you out. classes probly would be a wast of money and time. just stay of the bowling lane(stay behind the foul line) swing bak ur arm and them swing bak ur arm and let the ball go.