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While one might not think of it, the wrist plays a very important role in how comfortable the grip of the Bowling ball feels. When you grip anything the muscles in the wrist work to help. After bowling two or three games in a league or open bowling, and placing your fingers in the bowling ball and gripping it 30-50 times, the wrist can become tired and fatigued. A strong wrist and/or supports/gloves can help the wrist withstand the wear and tear gripping a bowling ball does to it, along with making the bowler feel more comfortable while bowling. Click on the 'Bowling Wrist Support' link below to read an article about supports and see links to other articles concerning bowling.

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Q: How does wrist strengtheners wrist supports and gloves help you play bowling?
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Are there any wrist supports that prevent wrist pain when bodybuilding?

There are several options of wrist supports that can be used when bodybuilding. The Live strong website has several supports to choose from. They are great products with great reviews.

What brand of weight training gloves do you recommend?

There are many types of weight training gloves on the market. I would recommend the Harbinger Training Gloves With Wrist Wrap. These gloves are high quality, cushioned and help the wrist.

What is the purpose of a wrist brace in bowling?

To either support the wrist or help keep the wrist in a proper angle or position.

What are hand protection for a welder?

Leather gloves that have long cuffs to cover the wrist. Weldors gloves.

What is the job of the wrist?

Supports the hand and fingers

Do the Harbinger Classic WristWrap Gloves have any cool features?

Harbinger Classic WristWrap Gloves feature a built in wrist wrap which provides extra support to the wrist while lifting. It is not necessary to purchase a separate wrap with these gloves, as it is fully integrated.

What products does Impacto provide?

Impacto is a Canadian based company company that provides ergonomic personal protective products. Products include such things as anti-vibration or anti-impact gloves, wrist supports, or knee pads.

How does bowling affect the hand and wrist?

Depending on the weight of the ball, it puts a lot of strain on your joints, tendons and ligaments. It's very common for someone to fracture, dislocate, or sprain their hand/wrist while bowling, but it can be prevented by a proper warmup and conditioning. Bowling can do all the above, but in the same instance it can increase strength in the wrist, forearm, upper body and the legs.

In test match what are the limit of out for hand?

till wrist or say till gloves

Where could one find some wrist supports?

One can buy support wrist bands and most local pharmacies. One could also find them by asking your doctor where to find them. Any store that has medical supplies should sell the wrist supports.

Does a wrist guard help to release the thumb easier from a bowling ball?

no it doesnt. a wrist guard prevents a bowler from breaking their wrist. breaking your wrist means you arent keeping the joint flat and level and it can lead to tendonitis

What basic equipment is used for bowling?

The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.