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Q: If the catcher throws to second base when a runner is stealing second and there is no feilder to catch the ball who is the erer on?
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Batter interferes with catcher after striking out runner stealing and safe at second is runner out for batter's interference or returned to first base?

returned to first because when the batter intefer with the catcher the play is normaily stop

What is a pop time in baseball?

I've heard Steve Yeager had the best pop-to-pop time in baseball...An average of 1.65, which is pretty astronomical. That takes a mix of amazingly quick footwork, a real cannon of an arm, and accuracy--to save time on the tag. Guys like Carlton Fisk and Ivan Rodriguez (both nicknamed "Pudge" by the way), had/have averages of around 1.80 to 1.85 throughout their careers. The major league average is around 2.0 to 2.1, so that gives an idea of how quickly Yeager was able to get in down there. EDIT: Incorrect. Sorry, but mlb average is 1.85 to 1.95. Pudge Rodriguez was consistently in the 1.7s, and may of touched in the 1.6s, but I'm pretty sure Steve Yeager never had an average of 1.65. He may of touched 1.65 a few times, but as to the best average pop times, no one beats Ivan Rodriguez and Johnny Bench.

What is official scoring when runner is thrown out trying to advance on passed ball or wild pitch?

It's ruled "caught stealing," and scored 2-6 if the catcher throws to the shortstop, 2-4 if the catcher throws to the second baseman, etc.

When a runner is on first and third and the runner on first advances to second with out a throw from the catcher is the runner credited with a stolen base?


What is agood time for a high school catcher to throw a softball to second base?

Runner attempting a steal from first, or a runner caught returning to second base.