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Yes it is a forced out as long as you get them in order from 4,3,2,1

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2010-06-02 04:55:28
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Q: If the bases are loaded and the force is at home plate are the other bases a force out?
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How is earned runs scored in fast pitch softball?

you can steal home plate, you can be on 3rd when it is bases loaded and you are forced to go to home plate or you can be on 3rd and run to home plate when the ball is hit

When stealing home plate can the catcher jump in front of the plate to tag the runner?

YES the catcher is SUPPOSED to block the plate as long as he has the ball. if the batter swings and hits the catcher the runner would return to third and the batter awarded first base. If the bases were loaded the catchers interference would force the runner home.

Do the first three runs count if the bases are loaded and the hitter gets thrown out at the plate with two outs?

Yes. Any runs scored before the out (tag or force) are counted. Any runs scored before a pop out do not count.

Other then home plate what shape are all of the other bases in softball?


Compression force is what plate boundary?

compression is to press into each other its a convergent plate boundary

In a baseball game the home team has two outs with the bases loaded a flyball to the outfield is droped the runners on third crosses the plate just before the runner going from second base to third ba?

inning over. The run does not count because the force out at 3rd base.

On a dropped 3rd strike with the bases loaded can the catcher simply step on home plate or does he have to either tag the runner or throw to first base?

The batter is automatically out if there are fewer than two outs. If there are two outs, the catcher has to complete the play, but he can simply step on home for the force out.

Was the haiti earthquake on a conservative plate boundary?

Yes it is, due to the force of the plate sliding by each other.

How far the bases from each other?

Each base and home plate are 90 ft. from each other.

If in baseball you're up at bat and you get walked with bases loaded and a run is forced in how can you get an RBI when a walk doesn't count as an 'at bat'?

It still counts as a plate appearance, and as a result of your plate appearance (bases loaded walk), a run scored. Therefore you are credited with an RBI. A sacrifice fly doesn't count as an at-bat either, but RBIs are credited. Double-plays are counted as at-bats but they disqualify RBIs. "At-bats" have absolutely nothing to do with RBIs.

Does a batter get an rbi if he is hit with the bases loaded?

Yes, a batter gets a RBI through a Hit-by-pitch, walk, or hit if a runner scores on the play due to their plate appearance

What happens if you do not touch home plate after hitting a home run?

He's out. Missing any plate is an out. If the bases were loaded and the man on 2nd missed the plate you would only score a point for the man on 3rd (assuming he hits the plate). There would be one out if everyone made it to the home plate, but the man on 2nd, 1st and batter would not get runs.

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