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It is not a foul only a scratch, the next player takes only one shot. the same as any other scratch.

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Q: If no balls have been sunk on the break and the next player sinks the cue ball is it a foul. Does the first player get 2 shots?
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What is a break in snooker?

It is a sequence of shots in which balls are potted. If you pot a ball, you get another shot, until you miss, foul or pot all the balls. The break can also refer to the first shot in a game of snooker when the triangle of reds is "broken" apart.

What happen in a pool game if you hit one of the balls off the table?

the other player will get two shots

What is the most 1 player is allowed to throw a bowling ball in 1 frame?

For the first nine frames, a bowler is allowed up to two shots. On frame 10, if the bowler makes a strike on the first ball, or a spare with the second, three balls are thrown.

What golf ball is better for straighter shots?

All golf balls are made with the assumption that the player is going to hit it straight. If you are struggling to hit the ball straight changing your ball is not the solution. There are balls made for feel, distance and spin, but not for direction.

Where were the first shots fired at?

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What is the maximum amount of points a player can get in a frame of snooker?

The question as phrased does not limit the points to one break. At the end of a frame, with the addition of various fouls and free balls, the total SCORE for a player, can be higher than 162(the 155 maximum break and the 7 points received for the opponent hitting/potting the black when playing a red). This score could include various foul shots and other breaks. In theory there is no limit to the amount someone can score in a break of snooker. It would depend on the relative playing skills of the two players. A very good player might get a very high score (multiple snookers, foul shots, breaks) against a poor opponent. If a player begins with a foul shot and leaves the opponent snookered on all reds, the opponent then may select a 'free ball'. They may then pot it as a red and then pot the black, then reds and blacks, and all the colours. Their break would be 155 .This is the maximum BREAK in snooker.

What is a shock block in basketball?

You mean a shot block, it is only a block. Example: Player A inbouds to player B which takes it up and shots player 1 goes for the steal but, misses then, player B shots and player 2 blocks him. So that is what is a shot block. You mean a shot block, it is only a block. Example: Player A inbouds to player B which takes it up and shots player 1 goes for the steal but, misses then, player B shots and player 2 blocks him. So that is what is a shot block.

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If a basketball player hits three point shots 45 percent of the time what is the chances if she takes four shots during a game that she misses the first shot and hits the last three?


Why are booster shots given?

Booster shots are necessary as the first shots loose their effectiveness over time.

What is the ratio of shots made by a player who attempted twenty shots and made eleven of them?

1.1 : 2

What state were the first shots of the American revolutionary war fired?

The first shots were fired in Lexington, Massachusetts.

What is a snooker referees job?

Like referees in other sports, snooker referees are there to ensure the rules are adhered to. They also do other jobs, like returning balls to the table after shots, setting up the table for each frame and assisting the players by doing things like cleaning balls or giving them additional equipment for shots. They keep track of scores, announcing totals of a break as it progresses. They can also interact with the audience to ensure the atmosphere is quiet so the players can play.

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3-1 pvlm

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Why are tennis balls changed during the match?

Tennis balls are changed during a match because when the can is opened the balls start losing pressure immediatly, reducing the bounce with each shot. This difference is not dramatic as tennis balls can be used over and over but professionals change balls so that they can get the most power and spin from their shots.

A basketball player made 100 baskets if four fifths of the baskets were 2 point shots how many of them were 3 point shots?

20 shots were 3's

Do you get two shots on a black ball after a foul?

No, you do not get two shots when you are on the black ball and the other player commits a foul.

What does BS mean in basketball box score?

BS is a player's blocked shots, or how many shots they've blocked.

How many shots did a basketball player make if he usually makes 50 percent of his shots taken and on a bad night his percentage drops bay a factor of 1 half and he took 12 shots?

He made three shots.

Do you get an assist if player a passes to player b and player b pump fakes and takes a dribble and shots?


Why is the tenth frame different from the other frames in bowling?

It is different because if you strike in the 10th frame, you get two bonus shots called "fill shots" or "fill balls." If you spare in the 10th frame, you get one fill shot.

What is a Nurse Shot in pool?

Nurse shots are more typical of billiard games played with three balls where the objective is to hit your cue ball into the other two balls (and maybe a cushion, depending on the exact game). Nurse shots are where you get all three balls close to each other and typically close to a rail too and make soft hits so the balls don't move too much and remain in close proximity so you can continue to score points.