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All Golf balls are made with the assumption that the player is going to hit it straight. If you are struggling to hit the ball straight changing your ball is not the solution. There are balls made for feel, distance and spin, but not for direction.

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Q: What golf ball is better for straighter shots?
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What is MOI in hitting a golf ball?

MOI is moment of inertia, and this is basically the golf club heads resistance to twisting. It applies to woods and drivers. When you hit a golf ball, the weight of the golf ball causes the quickly open and close many times. The more resistant the club head is to twisting the straighter the clubface will stay and obviously the straighter the ball will go.

Will a golf ball with dimples travel further than a smooth ball?

Yes, it will also fly straighter and more consistently.

Do you play better golf with expensive golf balls?

It's not so much about playing better golf as gaining greater distance with your shots.

Diffence between a smooth golf ball and one with dipples?

A golf ball has dimples which makes it aerodynamic, so it can fly and fly straight. There are no golf balls which have no dimples that are produced for full shots.

Is under par better than over par?

Yes it is. Par means average. When playing golf you try to sink the ball in the least amount of shots. The less you get under par (average) the better.

Will doing a golf ball fitting improve your golf game?

Tour players report that golf ball fitting can improve their game. Most concentrate on the shots to the green, as this will provide the best chance of improving score.

What is the duration of Golf Shots?

The duration of Golf Shots is 1800.0 seconds.

What is a two ball foursome in golf?

There are two teams each of two players. Each team hits the same ball, taking alternate shots.

What is the average for a child to hit a golf ball?

explain better

What is the difference in ball flight on golf balls with 320 vs 360 dimples?

Personally I think it is you hit the ball, the more the dimples the straighter it is supposed to go, something to do with dynamics, but there is trade off somewhere, may effect distance.

How is golf played and what are the basic rules of golf?

In golf you get a stick with metal on the end and try to hit a ball into a hole. You cant throw the ball or kick it (as some basic rules) and there are different clubs for different shots you need to make. Its very frustrating and i do not recommend you take it up.

Is it better to freeze your golf balls before you play?

No, that will make the golf ball slippery and hard to play with.